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Honey production reduces in Kabompo

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Honey production reduces in Kabompo

“In a good year Kabompo bee-keepers alone produce over 100 tonnes. This year the production is standing at only 10 tonnes,” he said in a telephone ...

Next up for the Aces: A long stretch of Bees

Fresh off a 1-3 run against the Fresno at Greater Nevada Field (for their first losing season against the Grizzlies since 2013), the Reno Aces (60-50) ...

'Remarkable' bee semen fights off pathogens, may be used in medicine

A Palestinian beekeeper uses smoke to calm bees in the process of collecting honey at a farm in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip April 11, 2016.

Man says bee swarm causing havoc in Centennial Hills neighborhood

So when he went for a run last night and spotted what appeared to be a bee hive hanging off the side of his neighbor's house in Centennial Hills, ...

Thousands of honeybees discovered in hive inside a former Maine church

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Construction crews made a sweet discovery at a site in Portland, Maine.Workers doing a renovation job discovered a massive ...

Bee semen could be used in medicine for pathogens that threaten bee populations, researchers say

The study, published by the University of Western Australia's Centre for Integrative Bee Research (CIBER), found proteins in the bee seminal fluid can ...

Revs shut down Bees in road win

The York Revolution kicked off a six-game road trip with a convincing 9-2 win over the New Britain Bees on Tuesday evening at New Britain Stadium.

Thousands of honeybees discovered in hive inside a former Maine church

Crews on the scene found the hive after they noticed a large number of bees coming and going from the building.

Bees continue roster shakeup, add several pitchers

One day after trading for Kevin Vance from the Long Island Ducks, the Bees were back at it and then some, adding four right-handed pitchers.

One last hurrah for Cache Valley Bees

Over the years, the Bees saw a handful of players come and go, along with assistant coaches, players' fathers usually. They traveled the state and the ...

Avocado farmer swears by native bees to pollinate his crop

A northern New South Wales avocado farmer believes native bees are better pollinators than their European cousins. Michael Hogan has 80 hives of ...

Honey bees injure 15

Fifteen people sustained minor injuries when a swarm of honey bees attacked them when they came to worship in a temple near Vellakoil on Tuesday ...

Could Organic Honey 'Bee' Bogus? Why It's Going Extinct in the US
1. Could Organic Honey 'Bee' Bogus? Why It's Going Extinct in the US. 2. Buzzing about bees: PFD's Pearson tries out new hobby with beekeeping. 3. For the love of bees. more ... ...

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