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Japanese shrine's special drinking spot for bees has the internet feel

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Japanese shrine's special drinking spot for bees has the internet feeling the warm fuzzies

... like this, other animals just see a much-needed thirst quencher, which can prove to be a bit of a problem when it starts attracting creatures like bees.

Salt Lake Bees come up short against Round Rock despite homers

Round Rock battered Bees starter Nate Smith, Jared Hoying hit a home run, and Joey Gallo had a RBI double as the Express defeated the Bees.

PCL baseball: Round Rock Express beat Salt Lake Bees, 7-3

The Salt Lake Bees hit three solo home runs Saturday night but lost to the Round Rock Express 7-3. Salt Lake gave ups four runs in the third inning ...

Honey bees kill dog, sting cops many times in Sturgis

STURGIS — Bees held in a commercial beehive in Sturgis killed a dog and stung several people including police officers - one 47 times - on Friday ...

Earth Sense: Bees' sting is worth sweet reward

Keeping honeybees is becoming increasingly popular among gardeners. It improves the quality of the plants in a wide radius, but initial mistakes can ...

Partial to Home: Extracting sweetness

Our guests coming to help were beekeeping newcomers, a retired teacher and from Mississippi State, an IT specialist and his wife a professor.

Cars-to-table movement, ghost bees, psyllids and citrus keep enviro-food world spinning

You've heard of restaurants participating in the “farm-to-table” movement, meaning the food brought by the server and placed on the plate in front of ...

Beekeeping as hobby on rise, but novices may be risking their hives with their decisions

Bee Informed Partnership has carried out national surveys as per which backyard beekeepers are facing the greatest losses. Major reason behind ...

Beekeeping as hobby on rise, but novices may be risking their hives with their decisions

When it comes to backyard beekeeping, you can read books, watch YouTube videos, but nothing would be as beneficial as to have hands-on ...

Lots of (honey?) Bees

There's a big bees nest or hive or? in a bush by my front walkway. The res a constant flow of bees diving in & shooting out of a hole at the bottom of the ...

Man spearheading effort to legalize beekeeping in Springville

12, 2016, in Springville. Boyack, along with others in Springville as well as across Utah County, are fighting to legalize beekeeping, which as of now is ...

PHOTOS: The end all bee all at Spellapalooza

The Stingers' Adonai Bebe Ed Councill and Katie Cole, with Kids Grow Kentucky, celebrate after correctly spelling a word during the Thorn Hill ...

Project leader buzzing after 'vital' beekeeping donation
1. Project leader buzzing after 'vital' beekeeping donation. 2. Baseball: Salt Lake Bees rocked by Round Rock, 14-2. 3. The U.S. Military's Most Advanced Fighter Jet Gets Grounded By Bees. more ... ...

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