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Imidacloprid threatens honeybees: EPA

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Imidacloprid threatens honeybees: EPA

The US Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday that imidacloprid, a nicotine-imitating chemical, commonly used on grains, ...

Neonicotinoids Found Harmful To Honeybees

A widely used pesticide mostly applied to citrus and cotton plants is found to be capable of hurting honeybees. The United States Environmental ...

Positive buzz for the dwindling bee population

Unfortunately, the EPA probably in an effort to simplify, really looked at honey bees but ignored the risk that our native bees will be facing,” Code tells ...

EPA admits popular insecticide threatens honeybees

The US Environmental Protection Agency declared that one kind of neonicotinoid insecticide can be a threat to honeybees and some other pollinators.

The Real Secret Life of Bees Is the Part Where the Workers Fly Into a Murderous Reproductive Rage

The beehive is one of the most ordered systems in the natural world: the queen bee lays eggs, the worker bees focus on pollinating and hive ...

Honeybees win round one in federal fight vs. pesticides

Honeybees pollinate roughly a third of the food found in U.S. grocery stores. Bee lovers (and anyone who likes food) rejoice: Federal regulators said ...

EPA confirms longtime claims that pesticide harms honeybees

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a long-awaited study of controversial pesticide's impact on bee population this week, but it was ...

For the First Time, the Government Says a Pesticide Harms Bees

But bee advocates say the study doesn't look at the whole pollinator picture, leaving wild bees—which studies have shown are more sensitive than ...

For the First Time, the Government Says a Pesticide Harms Bees

The U.S. EPA's assessment finds that a neonicotinoid hurts honeybees ... agricultural pesticide imidacloprid threatens honeybees that help pollinate a ...

Bees & stinging insects

I am traveling to St Kitts mid-January. I am allergic to bee stings. I would like to do the rain forest hike but wanted to know if bees are numerous there?

This Pesticide Might Be Killing off Bees

At least one pesticide from a controversial family of chemicals appears to be a threat to bees and other pollinating insects when applied to certain ...

The EPA Finally Admitted That the World's Most Popular Pesticide Kills Bees—20 Years Too Late

Bees are dying in record numbers—and now the government admits that an extremely common pesticide is at least partially to blame. For more than a ...

Class: Care and Feeding of Honeybees
1. Class: Care and Feeding of Honeybees. 2. EPA finds pesticide hurts honeybees on some, but not all, crops. 3. EPA: Pesticide may harm honeybees. more ... ...

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