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Bees cause buzz in downtown Cornelia

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Bees cause buzz in downtown Cornelia

A swarm of honey bees caused quite the buzz Monday, when they made a tree outside a popular diner in downtown Cornelia their temporary home.

Anybody lost any bees? Watch huge swarm buzzing around in Dewsbury town centre

Anyone with a bee phobia would have been best staying out of Dewsbury yesterday - for thousands of the tiny creatures were buzzing around in a ...

Honey Bees

It has come time to downsize so we are selling several honey bee colonies. Includes complete hive kit (base, two hive bodies, frames, top cover).

Bees sting Patriots in first meeting between new division rivals

The first-ever meeting between the Somerset Patriots and New Britain Bees went in favor of the Bees, as they stung the Patriots 5-3 Tuesday evening ...

Houston Nature Center program focuses on importance of bees

HOUSTON — A Houston Nature Center's Summer Children's Program on baby bees and how the fit into the world will be from 10:30 a.m. to noon ...

Elderly Man Attacked by Swarm of Bees

MISSION — A Mission man is in critical condition after he was stung by a swarm of bees. Mission Fire Department officials said it happened Tuesday ...

How hikers can avoid a bee attack, and whether to run if it happens

Africanized honey bees, among the most dangerous, are found in Arizona, according to the Utah County Beekeepers Association website. The bees ...

Africanized bees sting, kill family dogs

A Texas family is mourning the deaths of two pet dogs in a bee attack at their home. One person inside the home is recovering after being stung ...

Bee colony removed from city councilman's office

SAN ANTONIO -- A bee colony was safely removed today from a city councilman's office by a company that specializes in conserving removed bees.

Bee colony removed from city councilman's office

"All honeybees are in a rough place right now, because of commercial farming, because of the mass amounts of pesticides being dumped on our earth ...

Sucrose Sensitivity of Honey Bees Is Differently Affected by Dietary Protein and a Neonicotinoid ...

Recently, effects of pesticides on nutrition have been reported [17]: while honey bees fed with high protein diet resisted the effect of dietary nicotine, ...

Bees pitcher Josh Zeid signs with Mets, will report to Double-A

Starting pitcher Josh Zeid is the latest New Britain Bees player to be snatched up by a Major League Baseball organization, as his contract was ...

Five minutes with Jane Wakeham, founder of Save Our Bees at Mercia Mar
1. Five minutes with Jane Wakeham, founder of Save Our Bees at Mercia Mar. 2. Bees Top Aces 6-5. 3. Land and Livestock: Bees and honey could see a rebound year after decreased production in 2015. more ... ...

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