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Bee Happy Quilters are busy bees

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Bee Happy Quilters are busy bees

A group of eight women are the best of friends and it is all thanks to a quilting group formed through a local church.

The buzz on Harden's bees

Native bees in Harden are helping your garden grow. They make great Backyard Buddies but they need your help before it gets cold. A simple bundle ...

Pupils will be busy bees as they save our native insects

STUDENTS at St Alban's Primary School and Park Community School at Havant are buzzing with excitement after their schools were chosen to protect ...

Bees are bee-coming few and far bee-tween

Humanity has relied upon bees to pollinate crops for thousands of years, and without them, humans would lose a third of their food resources. Today ...

Salt Lake Bees takes steps to make stadium safer after fly bat at Florida game

"We're taking down the old net, and putting up the new protective one," said Kraig Williams, Communications Manager for the Salt Lake Bees. "We had ...

Maryland Senate approves bill limiting pesticides to help bees

Maryland Senate approves bill limiting pesticides to help bees ... to protect declining bee populations by taking certain pesticides off of store shelves.

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New Zealand bees are in a healthier state than those in the northern hemisphere, a survey has shown. The agricultural chemicals industry has seized ...

Kids and violent crime: 'Drugs and gangs go together like bees and honey'

A 14-year-old boy was found shot Saturday, March 5, 2016, in the area of Rexland Drive and South Union Avenue in Bakersfield, Calif. Two other ...

Bees in better shape than overseas: survey

The question of whether insecticides such as neonicotinoids are harmful to New Zealand bees is uncertain. These British protesters were urging their ...

New Britain Bees sign three more players to roster

“We are excited to welcome Jonathan, James and Brandon to the Bees for our inaugural season,” Bees manager Stan Cliburn said in a statement.

Catching honey bees for free

Will catch swarming honey bees for free. Gary. ... Catching honey bees for free (metro). © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap. (google map).

Former salon owner at home with bees

"It was dad and I who decided to keep bees — Lor and Pa," she said. "Now that I think about it, Pa did all the work and I went around saying I was a ...

GALLAGHER: National tournament has this Bee abuzz
1. GALLAGHER: National tournament has this Bee abuzz. 2. Bee numbers declining, could affect orchards. 3. BEE BETTER: Rockies' 3-game winning streak snapped in 3-2 loss to Royals. more ... ...

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