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Learn to attract bees, butterflies to the garden at Liberty workshop

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Learn to attract bees, butterflies to the garden at Liberty workshop

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies are essential to the health of our precious gardens and farms. This class will teach participants how to attract ...

LETTER: Precious bees under threat

This week Parliament will be considering whether or not to remove the ban on neonicotinoid pesticides. Bees are under threat, partially from ...

Beekeeper's nature: It takes a particular passion to care for bees

Inspecting the hive for a queen took on new importance as a swarm of bees had left one of ... He wanted his bees back, and he wanted to know more.

Honeybees devise wing-fanning trick to survive heat spikes

Honeybees have developed a way to survive sharp climate change by fanning their wings, cooling hives to keep bee larvae from baking, University of ...

Honeybees devise wing-fanning trick to survive heat spikes

Honeybees gather at the entrance of their new home after beekeepers transferred 25,000 honeybees to two hives installed on the lawn of the ...

AHBPA Presents 'An Evening with Ray Benson at Apis'

The honeybee is dying off at an alarming rate and this is no small problem since they contribute roughly $184 billion in pollination labor globally, and ...

There's a fresh buzz around beekeeping in NH

Beekeeping is a fairly inexpensive endeavor with most of the costs up front. The bees are typically kept in boxes. These apiaries along with a smoke ...

Master Gardener's Spring Clinic hit among green thumbs

Bees are also a big concern for Master Gardeners because maintaining and saving bee colonies is critically important for the global food supply.

BRENTFORD: End of season excitement has roots in Smith's pragmatic approach

The Bees beat Huddersfield Town 5-1 in Yorkshire last weekend to secure a ninth place finish in the Championship table on the back of a run-in that ...

Two people were treated for bee stings, after a swarm of bees invaded Concord

CONCORD (BCN) — Two people went to a hospital today after they were stung in Concord by what an expert called aggressive bees, police said.

Bees bring positive attitude home from first extended road trip

NEW BRITAIN — The New Britain Bees spent their first 14 games and 16 days of the season in the state of Connecticut before a six-game road trip ...

Bees top Bluefish in rain-shortened game

NEW BRITAIN — The New Britain bees defeated the Bridgeport Bluefish 5-2 Saturday night in a game that was called after 6 1/2 innings because of ...

British Sandwich Week
1. British Sandwich Week. 2. Bee houses can be beneficial. 3. Honey bees hive swarm hanging over the tree. more ... ...

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Back Yard bees, chickens, fish

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