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Africanized 'killer' bees attack Ramona man

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Africanized 'killer' bees attack Ramona man

"They followed me into the house and stung me about a dozen times." They weren't your average honey bees. "They go for your throat, nose and eyes.

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MINI BELIEVE IT OR NOT – Honeybees that get drunk on fermented tree sap are denied access to the hive and are often attacked by … Read more 0 ...

Beekeepers concerned after aggressive bees stung several

For three days an East Bay neighborhood was attacked by what may have been Africanized bees. While extremely rare in the Bay Area, some ...

Sticky fingers: The rise of the bee thieves

The bees crawled up the thief's arms while he dragged their hive over a patch of grass and through a slit in the wire fence he had clipped minutes ...

Have Africanized bees come to NorCal? UC Davis expert weigns in

DAVIS, Calif. (KCRA) —A swarm of bees is being blamed for stinging several people and killing two dogs in a Concord community this past weekend.

Have Africanized bees come to NorCal? Expert weigns in

Alex Janke's son cared for honeybees in the backyard for 15 years, only to have the unexpected happen Friday, leading some to believe these were ...

Montville Township Environmental Commission Honors 4th Grade Poster Contest Winners

The poster contest was designed to teach the students the importance of planting trees and saving honey bees in Montville Township, Caron said.

Bees believe they can keep up momentum

After struggling for the first two weeks of the season to find an offense to match the quality of their pitching, the Bees appear to have remedied the issue ...

Sky Sox, Bees postpone Monday's game due to weather

Rain has caused the postponement of Monday's game between the Colorado Springs Sky Sox and the Salt Lake Bees. The game has been ...

Killer Bees Swarm California Town, Killing Two Dogs and Terrorizing Residents

Bees are terrorizing a Northern California town, where two dogs have died after being stung by the particularly aggressive swarms. Concord resident ...

Killer bees probably are in the Bay Area to stay

Residents of warmer spots in the Bay Area should prepare for more episodes like the suspected killer-bee attack over the weekend that killed two ...

Killer bees probably are in the Bay Area to stay

“They've displaced European honeybees everywhere from Brazil to here and if they've displaced them they must have ecological advantages, one of ...

Roadside bee hives a recipe for disaster for Taranaki truck drivers
1. Roadside bee hives a recipe for disaster for Taranaki truck drivers. 2. Aggressive bees swarm California town's neighborhood, kill 2 dogs (video). 3. How to make money keeping bees. more ... ...

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