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Swarm Chasers keep the buzz alive

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Swarm Chasers keep the buzz alive

Honeybees - As bees and wasps prepare for the winter season, a local group continues to make last-minute rescues to save honey bees that have colonized in ...

Amazon India Fashion Week: Ode to honeybees, Victorian era

Honeybees - Luring the audience to taste some “Sweet Nectar”, designer Pallavi Mohan's collection was an ode to honeybees and their hardworking nature.

Honey bees crawling/ pollinating on pink flowers closeup

Honeybees - Download the royalty-free video "Honey bees crawling/ pollinating on pink flowers closeup" created by naturalearth2 at the best price ever on ...

honey recipes

Recipe: Guilt-free quick and easy oaty raisin slices

honey recipes - The mixture of honey and coconut sugar for sweetness means they're chewy with a little crisp - just perfection. You can whip these up in minutes and ...

Beautiful honey soaks up surrounding landscape and captures area's essence

honey recipes - My other recipe is for barbecued pork fillet glazed with honey, served with grilled scallions and a scorched apple sauce. Simple - but showcasing great ...

World War II canning and cooking

honey recipes - I chose Spanish rice with meat and for dessert, chocolate chip honey cookies. I followed the recipes exactly as written and immediately realized that ...

Halloween 2016: Top 5 Vegan Recipes You Must Try This Halloween

honey recipes - ( (). The vegan option requires agave nectar instead of honey. The recipe takes about a ...


Traditional Honey Fair opens in Baku [PHOTO]

beekeeping - “It is worth noting that last year the Beekeeping Centre was established at the Institute of Livestock. In addition, we are working on the development of ...

Tech researcher on bees: 'They are coming back'

beekeeping - Rather, beekeeping is a growing craze across the country. At Virginia Tech in particular, a growing group of bee enthusiasts are trying to teach people ...

Wanneroo: beekeeper buzzed by proposed new law

beekeeping - OUT for public comment this month, a proposed Bee Keeping Local Law is “a step in the right direction”, a local beekeeper says. The City of Wanneroo ...

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