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Tuschen man, 30, died after bees attack

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Tuschen man, 30, died after bees attack

A Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo man died last month after he was attacked by a swarm of bees while on his way to the shop in the village.

Beekeeping Club Start-Up

The Bolivar Beekeeping Club start-up meeting will be 6-8 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 27, in the Polk County Library's meeting room. All ages are welcome.

New Britain Bees beat Sugar Land Skeeters for fifth straight win on road

The New Britain Bees won their fifth straight game on Wednesday night, all coming on the road, as they defeated the Sugar Land Skeeters 5-2 to climb ...

Baseball: Salt Lake Bees win second game of a doubleheader to earn split with Albuquerque ...

Despite recording seven hits in game one of a doubleheader between the Salt Lake Bees and Albuquerque Isotopes, the home team would fail to ...

Backyard Beekeeping Management Services Beehive Honey bee

I am a local beekeeper living in the Napa Valley with several years of professional experience. Do you want to keep bees in your back yard? Do you ...

Fight Against Zika Kills Millions of South Carolina Bees

As a result, at least local bee farms lost over a million bees as a result of the deadly spray. This was the first time Charleston officials had sprayed ...

Gritty quarry soil is home turf for heather bees

From the fell where we stood, knee-deep in purple heather, the old limestone quarry in the valley seemed just another scar on the landscape, a great ...

Millions of Bees Killed in Summerville

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD)– Dorchester County is apologizing for accidentally killing millions of bees in Summerville. The honeybees ...

Swarms of fair-goers learn bees' crucial role

The real queen bee does not sing and dance, but she does keep the hive moving. Without her, the worker bees would not be — and without the ...

Swarms of fair-goers learn bees' crucial role in agriculture

“I enjoy the honey bees, and I know what a benefit they are to society and what dire ... The funds raised at the fair go toward education on honey bees.

Bee Aware Month begins

Apiculture New Zealand (formerly the National Beekeepers Association) will continue to run the highly successful campaign designed to make New ...

Bee Aware Month begins

NZ's bee populations contribute about $5 billion to our economy annually and they support about one-third of everything we eat. NZ's manuka honey ...

Benthal bees are the 'bizzness' of the day for residents of Highlands
1. Benthal bees are the 'bizzness' of the day for residents of Highlands. 2. Repairs take ugly turn for Mattawan man stung by dozens of bees. 3. One honey of a deal: Beekeeping family busy with annual harvest. more ... ...

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