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Honeybees - Project has WG Beekeepers Association abuzz

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Project has WG Beekeepers Association abuzz

Honeybees - Jennifer Leavey, PhD., integrated science curriculum coordinator, Georgia Tech College of Sciences and director, Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee ...

GreenUP presents five fun facts about bees from the Ecology Park's Open Hive program

Honeybees - Honey bees are fascinating, ancient insects with advanced social behavior and with complex symbiotic relationships with pollinator plants, which have ...

Green Corner: Buzz over bees: Protect an environmental asset

Honeybees - Orkin, a pest control company, states that honeybees are about 2.5 centimeters long, and are hairy. They can be all black or brown, but can also have ...

Free honey bees

Honeybees - I have a large hive produces about 35 pounds a year but don't have time for it anymore free if you pick up gas money if I deliver.

honey recipes

DIY: Cold and flu remedies

honey recipes - Moxie's Cold Cure-All is a recipe that combines lemon juice, honey, ginger, echinacea extract and cayenne pepper in a mug, which is then heated in ...

Adding notes of flavor, honey sweetens new year

honey recipes - Cheesecake lets honey flavors shine through. Try this recipe with blackberry honey for a double dose of berry flavor. Recipe adapted from National ...

Baklava with Honey and Cardamom Recipe

honey recipes - Of all the sweet and honey-kissed desserts, baklava is hands-down my favorite. My first memory of it comes from my time as a student in Madison, WI, ...


Deadline to register for beginning bee keeping workshops is Sept. 28

beekeeping - Beginning bee keeping workshops will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, and Tuesday, Oct. 11. The classes will be at the Dallas County Alumni ...

GreenUP presents five fun facts about bees from the Ecology Park's Open Hive program

beekeeping - Open Hive! is a newcomer beekeeping drop-in session which is part of the GreenUP Community Beekeeping Program where attendees can explore ...

beekeeping equipment for sale

beekeeping - We have 9-5/8 hive bodies for $45.00 each and 6-5/8 honey supers, 10 frame for $42.50 each, assembled and painted with wood frames and Pierco ...

Tracking honey bees with big data

beekeeping - Anne Marie Fauvel, a liberal arts and biology professor, and Jonathan Engelsma, a computer science professor, are both beekeepers. They're using ...

Honeybees - Teen's bees are welcome in reader's DM backyard
1. Honeybees - Teen's bees are welcome in reader's DM backyard. 2. honey recipes - For Rosh Hashanah, in search of the perfect kugel recipe. 3. beekeeping - Way on: Secret life of bees. more ... ...

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