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Conservation - NASS to Survey Benefits of Conservation Practices

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NASS to Survey Benefits of Conservation Practices

Conservation - The results of the National Resources Inventory Conservation Effects Assessment Project survey will help develop science-based solutions to improve ...

World Conservation Congress to be held next month in Honolulu

Conservation - The World Conservation Congress is just three weeks away. The global event will take place Sept. 1 to 10 bringing around 5,000 delegates to the ...

Mutharika hails Prince Harry committement to wildlife conservation

Conservation - Said Mutharika: “I was pleased to note that His Highness, who is on a private visit to Malawi, is committed just like I am, to the conservation of wildlife ...

Make your mark on conservation work at Hardwick Hall

Conservation - ... stonemason will hand carve your initials or a special date into a stone. Proceeds will go towards supporting building conservation work at Hardwick.


Old, older, Greenland shark

Biodiversity - No vertebrate lives as long as the Greenland shark, a new study says. But this Methuselah of the animal kingdom is still quite puzzling. Do they really ...

Biodiversity law crippled at the grassroots

Biodiversity - Less than 3% of local bodies spread in 15 states have prepared the people's biodiversity registers (PBRs) — a mandatory requirement under the ...

The Supporting Forest and Biodiversity Project Achievement

Biodiversity - Between 2012 and 2016, WWF-Cambodia implemented the Supporting Forests and Biodiversity (SFB) Project funded by USAID. The project aimed to ...

National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO)

Biodiversity - The Nature Index tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles from National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO). Updated ...


Small world: does ecology reach all the way down to the subatomic scale?

Ecology - Without electrons there would be no electron microscopes, and therefore no close-ups like this image of pollen. Heiti Paves/Wikimedia Commons, CC ...

Wild antelope to a bird on a bike: winners of BMC Ecology awards

Ecology - A guest judge ecologist Matthew Palmer from Columbia University in the US liked the rich details of the winning photo: "The image is strikingly ...

Senior Research Scientist, Riparian and Estuarine Ecology

Ecology - Lead the development and implementation of high quality research • Provide leadership, management and guidance • Location is Heidelberg You will ...

Life history strategies and fecundity

Ecology - How do organisms use different life history strategies to maximize fitness? Learn about different ways that different species allocate energy and other ...

Conservation - Dingell calls for renewed conservation legislation at Ann Arbor press conference
1. Conservation - Dingell calls for renewed conservation legislation at Ann Arbor press conference. 2. Biodiversity - (Viet Nam), Phase 2: Dak Ngon Road (Quang Nam Province). 3. Ecology - New Research Puts The Spotlight On The Humble, Understudied Moth. more ... ...

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Alternatives: Conservation, Democracy, Energy

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