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Conservation - 'I quit my horrible office job to work with nature'

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'I quit my horrible office job to work with nature'

Conservation - Mullen is one of about 300 conservation volunteers with Burrenbeo Trust, the landscape charity based in Co Clare. For the past five years she has ...

The future of conservation crosses boundaries

Conservation - Saving wildlife requires one solution for sure, according to conservation professionals in Montana and in Africa, and some traveling back and forth: ...

Activists to study elephant movements in district, ways to conserve tracks

Conservation - "The forest department has to be convinced to constantly share information with us so that we can help them in conservation methods," Saleem said.

Sanctuary, water topics at Lake Michigan Day

Conservation - The attendees participated in an entire day of speakers and panel discussions relating to various water conservation and what each person or ...


THE FORWARD: “Human Biodiversity: The Pseudoscientific Racism of the Alt-Right”

Biodiversity - There's a piece of the “alt-right” puzzle of bigotry you need to know more about: “human biodiversity.” An ideological successor to eugenics, human ...

IIOR develops a bio-pesticide 'castor semilooper' in Mahbubnagar

Biodiversity - The companies pay the state biodiversity board which keeps 5 per cent of the sum and gives the rest to the biodiversity management committee of the ...

Pledge to protect nature

Biodiversity - As part of a global mission to secure Earth's biodiversity, Canada has committed to having 17% of land and inland water protected by 2020. Because ...

Indigenous Crop Biodiversity Festival 2016

Biodiversity - This is a recognised parallel event to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii, from September 1 - 10, 2016. The ICBF represents ...


UCT student bags top eco photo award

Ecology - AN Italian student at UCT has scooped top honours in this year's BMC Ecology Image Competition for his photograph of a sunrise in the Kgalagadi ...

Another Life: The aliens among us – accommodate or eradicate?

Ecology - Ian Montgomery, a professor of animal ecology at Queen's University Belfast, has warned that such small-mammal introductions can cause “invasional ...

Honors Alternative Break Trip: Cumberland Island

Ecology - Annually students attend an alternative break trip to various locations. This past May, under the leadership of John Peden, Ph.D., associate professor ...

Data from: Temperature dependence of predation stress and the

Ecology - Title, Dryad Schmitz et al Ecology. Downloaded, 4 times. Description, Excel file of data used in data analyses and to generate figures in the article.

Conservation - NASS to Survey Benefits of Conservation Practices
1. Conservation - NASS to Survey Benefits of Conservation Practices. 2. Biodiversity - Old, older, Greenland shark. 3. Ecology - Small world: does ecology reach all the way down to the subatomic scale?. more ... ...

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