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Conservation - A Conservation Success: The Story of the One-Horned Rhino

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A Conservation Success: The Story of the One-Horned Rhino

Conservation - Conservation efforts are not always successful. Endangered animals are constantly threatened by poaching and their habitats are often replaced by ...

Jai Rewakhand to intensify protest for conservation of Howbagh station

Conservation - Demanding conservation of Howbagh Railway Station and terminus development, the ongoing protest movement of Jai Rewakhand is turning serious ...

Like Roosevelt, Zinke a champion for conservation

Conservation - A champion of public lands, Zinke voted several times for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, breaking with GOP leadership to improve access to ...

YCBA reopens after conservation project

Conservation - The center's reopening marks the completion of the third and final phase of the “Building Conservation Project,” started by YCBA Director Amy Meyers ...


It is time for Monsanto to Quit India

Biodiversity - Not only would this destroy biodiversity, it would rob the poor of rich sources of nutrition in the biodiversity, and aggravate India's food and nutritional ...

Is Lake Tanganyika in trouble?

Biodiversity - Recognised as an important global biodiversity hotspot, it provides a home for at least 1 500 different species, some 600 of which occur nowhere else.

Faunal biodiversity study starts today

Biodiversity - Aug 26, 2016- A faunal biodiversity study is being conducted for the first time in the country starting in western Nepal, to assess the status of existing ...

Discovery of rare aquatic plant thrills biodiversity experts

Biodiversity - The discovery of a previously unknown site of a critically endangered native aquatic plant in pools at the outlet to a remote Northland dune lake has ...


Assistant Professor, Plant Community Ecology

Ecology - Plant Community Ecology -- Assistant Professor School of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences. The School of Biological Sciences at ...

Ecology and Environment (NASDAQ:EEI)'s Company Shares Decreased 2.66% After High Volatility

Ecology - The shares of Ecology and Environment (NASDAQ:EEI) decreased by 2.66% in the last 20 days but rose 0.61% in the past 5 trading sessions. Ecology ...

Campers experience a bird in the hand at 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp

Ecology - Learning about bird ecology, biodiversity, and conservation were the goals for these campers who gained eyes-on experience while searching ...

New oil reporting rule to improve safety

Ecology - Starting Oct. 1, facilities that receive shipments of crude oil and pipelines that deliver crude oil will be required to notify the state Department of Ecology ...

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1. Conservation - Contact. 2. Biodiversity - Panel member criticizes Nova Scotia's clear cutting approach. 3. Ecology - New oil reporting rule to improve safety. more ... ...

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