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Conservation - New Dade County conservation agent on familiar turf

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New Dade County conservation agent on familiar turf

Conservation - When Jeremy Edwards begins his duties as Dade County Conservation agent Thursday, Sept. 1, he will be patrolling an area he knows well. A native ...

Gorilla Fundraiser Tops Rwf20m For Conservation

Conservation - A fundraising gala organised as part of efforts to put together funding for major gorilla conservation projects exceeded expectations, say the organisers ...

Britain's most endangered butterfly thriving after decades of conservation efforts

Conservation - The large blue butterfly which became extinct in Britain in the 1970s is finally thriving again following decades of conservation efforts. Although overall ...

West Souris River Conservation District field tour

Conservation - In attendance were representatives from Manitoba Conservation District Association along with a few landowners that were involved in projects being ...


Summer 2016 an 'exceptional' year for biodiversity in St. Lawrence River

Biodiversity - A Quebec marine biologist says this summer was "exceptional" when it comes to the diversity of species spotted in the St. Lawrence River.

Human Activity Leads to Nutrient Imbalances, Decreasing Plant Biodiversity in Grasslands

Biodiversity - Researchers have found that an unbalance of nutrients in an ecosystem can reduce biodiversity. Human activity often results in the addition of ...

Win for Climate Protection as Obama Creates World's Biggest Marine Sanctuary

Biodiversity - Mazie K. Hirono (D-Hawaii), who said the expansion "will help to combat climate change, preserve biodiversity, and honor cultural traditions." Calling it ...

5 Reasons Why Biodiversity is a Big Deal

Biodiversity - “Biodiversity as a whole forms a shield protecting each of the species that together compose it, ourselves included.” — E.O. Wilson, “Half-Earth”.


Drought returns to Washington's westside

Ecology - Ecology already had curtailed the water rights of 93 irrigators in the Chehalis River Basin. The water rights were issued after the state adopted ...

Jessica Torossian

Ecology - A look into the work of Jessica Torossian, a PhD student in the Helmuth Lab at Northeastern's Marine Science Center asking questions about blue ...

Herbicide use in Nova Scotian Crown forests panned by Ecology Action Centre

Ecology - The Ecology Action Centre is alarmed that the provincial Department of Natural Resources appears to be softening its stance on the spraying of ...

A New Kind of Stock Chart: US Ecology Inc (NASDAQ:ECOL) Critical Pivot Points

Ecology - This is a real time view of the critical technical pivot points for US Ecology Inc (NASDAQ:ECOL) . The technical pivot points we look at all surround the ...

Conservation - Kingston photographer takes top honours in Cataraqui Conservation Foundation photo contest
1. Conservation - Kingston photographer takes top honours in Cataraqui Conservation Foundation photo contest. 2. Biodiversity - Population Growth Continues to Threaten Biodiversity. 3. Ecology - Manager of Data Analytics - College of Human Ecology. more ... ...

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