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Conservation - Oryx return to Chad thanks to UAE breeding programme

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Oryx return to Chad thanks to UAE breeding programme

Conservation - "This dataset is gold to any conservation researcher," said SCBI postdoc Jared Stabach said. "We're essentially opening up a window that will help us ...

Sarah Reidell: Margy Meyerson Head of Conservation

Conservation - Penn Libraries is proud to announce another great step forward in the enrichment of its conservation program: the hiring of Sarah Reidell as the Margy ...

Tanzania: Dodoma Leaders Told to up Conservation Drive

Conservation - Bahi — Environmental officials in Bahi, Dodoma have been ordered to take stern measures in conservation and anti-pollution efforts. The district's ...

Clashing over conservation: saving Congo's forest and its Pygmies

Conservation - In 2006, the government created the Itombwe nature reserve, supported by WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The reserve delineated ...


Biodiversity Crucial in Saving Amazon From Climate Change

Biodiversity - Historically, biodiversity has mainly been a topic amongst conservationists and not amongst climate change experts. That is changing with a new study ...

IUCN Congress set to debate new global policy on biodiversity offsets

Biodiversity - As governments and business struggle to reconcile conservation and economic goals, the IUCN World Conservation Congress will debate the ...

High Diversity of Trees in Amazon Could Mitigate Climate Risks

Biodiversity - "Biodiversity shows not to be a nice-to-have but indeed a must-have," explained lead author Boris Sakschewski of the Potsdam Institute for Climate ...

DENR goes techie in forest, biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity - This provides features that would help you identify threats to the natural forests and biodiversity and will enable us to address them effectively.”.


Post Doc on Global Ecology of Crop Mutualists

Ecology - Post Doc on Global Ecology of Crop Mutualists. Learn more about a new Postdoctoral Research Associate position open in the Dunn Lab in the ...

Anti-Fracking Measures Won't Make Ballot In Colorado

Ecology - A fracking protest outside Governor John Hickenlooper's mansion. (Photo: John Duffy/flickr/cc) Originally published by Common Dreams By Deirdre.

Jairam Ramesh working on environmental biography of Indira Gandhi

Ecology - Ramesh said a number of unpublished notes and letters of Gandhi and environmentalists on various ecological and conservation issues including on ...

Conservation Has a Big Problem With Charismatic Carnivores

Ecology - “The presence of wolves reduces our power over the land, so we get rid of the wolves,” says Guillaume Chapron, an ecologist at the Grimsö Wildlife ...

Conservation - Editorial: The conservation Virginia needs to have about a new economy
1. Conservation - Editorial: The conservation Virginia needs to have about a new economy. 2. Biodiversity - Improving aquatic biodiversity of Tennessee River Basin is focus of meeting. 3. Ecology - At Rocky Mountain Labs, 'virus ecology' helps scientists understand threats such as Zika. more ... ...

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Alternatives: Conservation, Democracy, Energy

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