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Nine Out of Ten Shark Scientists Agree: Sustainable Shark Fishing Is F

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Nine Out of Ten Shark Scientists Agree: Sustainable Shark Fishing Is Fine

The result may seem counterintuitive, acknowledges lead author David Shiffman, but the finding points to the fact that wildlife conservation is more ...

'Tagal hutan' approach towards forest conservation in Sabah

The course will focus on the “tagal hutan” community-based enforcement and how it can be used as a conservation tool for native culture as well as ...

Kenai to vote on creating new airport zone, Spur Highway commercial property

Almost all the conservation-zoned land will become airport light industrial. The new zone would be open to airport-related uses such as hangars, ...

NW Conservation Projects & Shorting Agriculture

Up to $720 million is being directed towards 84 conservation projects that will help communities improve water quality, combat drought, enhance soil ...

Govt urged to share whaling fleet location

Conservation group Sea Shepherd has appealed to the Australian and New Zealand governments to reveal the location of a Japanese fleet hunting ...

Conservation Architect - Heritage Consultant

Architecture, GBA Heritage Pty Ltd is seeking a highly motivated Conservation Architect or Heritage Consultant.

Economist calls govt's flagship prog 'unscientific'

Aurangabad: Terming the state government's flagship water conservation programme, Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan, an unscientific campaign, veteran ...

Make permanent commitment to fund public lands
1. Make permanent commitment to fund public lands. 2. Incumbent, local farmer face off for conservation and reclamation district commissioner. 3. Ulfers representing Raleigh County on conservation, development council. more ... ...

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