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Huge stretch of sea off Plymouth is protected by new conservation zone

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Huge stretch of sea off Plymouth is protected by new conservation zone restricting human activity

23 new protected zones have been created in the waters around the UK - including a large triangle in the Western Channel south of Plymouth.

The Needles made a Marine Conservation Zone

MARINE life around the Needles will given greater protection from today (Sunday) after the area designated a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).

VIDEO: More Marine Conservation Zones For Cornwall

Dr Peter Richardson from the Marine Conservation Society said: "Cornwall, because of where it's situated in the UK, it has some really fantastic ...

North Devon Marine Conservation Zones announced by government

“By designating these new Marine Conservation Zones and creating a Blue Belt of protected areas around the country, we can better protect our ...

Number of England's marine conservation zones nearly doubles

Professor Callum Roberts, at the University of York and one of the UK's leading marine conservation experts, welcomed the new MCZs but said: “We ...

Panama City Beach Conservation Park celebrates Florida Arbor Day

It is growing every year, everyone likes coming out in the morning to the conservation park and planting some long leaf pines," Colby added.

Californians miss water conservation target for November

State regulators said Tuesday they are confident that residents of drought-stricken California will meet long-term water conservation goals but anxious ...

Oil & Gas Conservation Fortnight 2016 inaugurated; Shri Dharmendra
1. Oil & Gas Conservation Fortnight 2016 inaugurated; Shri Dharmendra. 2. Annual luncheon recognizes conservation farmer of the year. 3. State conservation police chief under fire for comments about Muslims. more ... ...

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