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New biodiversity fund in Cambridge

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New biodiversity fund in Cambridge

Cambridge water has launched a new fund to boost biodiversity.

A Bigger Toolbox: Biotechnology in Biodiversity Conservation

Figure 1. Examples of Conservation Studies that have Benefitted from Genomics. (A) Genomic studies have shown that least Bell's vireo populations ...

Mobile phone mast planned for Pool's Conservation Area

A 12-METRE-HIGH telecommunications mast could be set up within a Wharfedale village's conservation area. Telefónica UK Limited and Vodafone ...

UBC researchers determine vineyards adversely affect soil quality University of British Columbia ...

"Soil biodiversity may be an important part of terroir, which is everything to a grape grower, so they have a vested interest in ensuring we preserve soil ...

New lab for biodiversity research

Adenan (second from left) hearing out Dr Charlie Yeo before launching the research facility and LitSara products at the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre.

Pokagon Fund Points To Land Conservation Efforts

The Pokagon Fund is highlighting its land conservation efforts around southwest Michigan. It says since it awarded a $900,000 grant to Chikaming ...

After the Devastating Jesusita Fire a New Conservation Center Opens at the Botanic Gardens

After 15 years of planning, and the impacts of the devastating Jesusita Fire, the new Pritzlaff conservation Center has opened at the Santa Barbara ...

Saratoga: Water company, district reducing conservation target from 30% to 20%

With summer here, gardeners and homeowners in Saratoga may find relief in a new conservation plan by the Santa Clara Valley Water District and ...

Conservation officers investigating after Indy man dies while swimming in Putnam County lake

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. – Conservation officers are investigating after an Indianapolis man died while swimming in a Putnam County lake ...

Conservation group buys out shark fishing licence on GBR

A CONSERVATION group has bought out a commercial shark fishing licence on the Great Barrier Reef according to a report in The Guardian.

Conservation office plans activities

... • Saturday, July 16. The Nature Center is open from 1 to 4 p.m. at Eden Valley. Located 2 miles south of Baldwin, come to this rustic nature center ...

From Fortune 500 to forestry, why Conservation International's Jude Wu walks the green road

RHYTHM OF LIFE I was raised on my grandparents' farm in Taiwan and it was idyllic. I spent my early years waking with the roosters before dawn, ...

1. Abstract. 2. Protect against enviro changes. 3. South Canterbury conservation dog has no problem sniffing out birds. more ... ...

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