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Farmers divided over changes to NSW land-clearing laws

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Farmers divided over changes to NSW land-clearing laws

The biggest change to legislation governing biodiversity and threatened species in New South Wales in a generation is being criticised on both sides ...

Loss of BIODIVERSITY is becoming a problem

Biodiversity...biological diversity is a term used to explain the existence of different species in a particular region or the variety of living beings on earth.

A modest water quality proposal

As it stands now with current USDA programs, most conservation contracts are for either 10 or 15 years, with the option of the farmer to eliminate that ...

Iowa shows commitment to conservation across the state

A long rainy spell delaying harvest has allowed me ample time to reflect on how stark the contrast is between the conservation practices of Iowa ...

Woodbury County cabins added in Southwood

The interior of a new cabin is shown at Southwood Conservation Area near Smithland, Iowa. Two cabins were added in July as part of a Woodbury ...

McHenry County Conservation District's summer activities abound

McHenry County Conservation District has several activities scheduled for throughout the remainder of the summer for adults and children in various ...

Water conservation: More than just a drop in the bucket

Is it really possible to reduce what you spend by conserving substantial amounts of water inside and outside your home at this time of year? It really is!

Illegal hunting threatens Queentown's white-tail deer herd

Much of the valley is a conservation area, where hunting is banned. Lincoln University PhD student Kaylyn McBrearty has been studying the deer for ...

Protecting Biodiversity

On this week's show we talk to Dr Peter Spooner who is a vegetation ecologist from Charles Sturt University about proposed changes to NSW's ...

Workshop on NE India Biodiversity Portal

A day long workshop on North East India Biodiversity Portal (NEIBP) was held today at Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima with participants from ...

The Dartmoor lynx has 'rewilded' itself. Should Britain follow suit?

From such discussions emerged in 1949 the Nature Conservancy, the first government conservation body in Britain. It sought to protect examples of ...

Conservation corps builds trails, camaraderie

Megan Kelley leads a hike Saturday on trails improved by her N.C. Youth Conservation Corps crew near Jordan Lake Dam. ...

Demarcation of conservation zone: Protest erupts in Jesar
1. Demarcation of conservation zone: Protest erupts in Jesar. 2. Demarcation of conservation zone: Protest erupts in Jesar. 3. Earth's biodiversity drops below 'safe' levels. more ... ...

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