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Rice biodiversity has collapsed in past 2000 years

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Rice biodiversity has collapsed in past 2000 years

Rice biodiversity has collapsed in past 2,000 years ... been a dramatic decrease in the biodiversity of the world's rice crop over the past 2,000 years.

The Emerging Role of Asia in Wildlife Conservation Practice

The practice of solving conservation problems for wildlife has presented more and varied challenges for researchers and practitioners in Asia, ...

The Emerging Role of Asia in Wildlife Conservation Practice

Can we build bridges between business and the conservation world? How do we reduce impacts of infrastructure on biodiversity in the tropics?

Townsend conservation commissioner subject of complaints

TOWNSEND -- For the second time in two months, a Conservation Commission member who was the subject of a complaint requested her hearing be ...

PMDS-Priests Blame Each Other in Failed Conservation of Mahalaxmi Idol

The idol, considered to be from 11th century, had received some internal cracks due to lack of conservation and constant exposure to humidity.

West Hollywood Wins Emmy for Water Conservation PSA

The city of West Hollywood took home its first Emmy win at the 68th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards this past weekend for the public service ...

Editorial: Biodiversity's loss a concern for mankind

Biodiversity, a healthy mix of plants and animals in an ecosystem, has come under threat around the world. A recent study published in Science says ...

Zim wildlife conservation systems hailed

Zimbabwe has one of the best wildlife conservation systems in the world such as protection of elephants under the Presidential Elephant Head ...

Prince Harry to work on wildlife conservation projects in southern Africa

Prince Harry will be back in South Africa in the next few weeks to work on protecting the country's wildlife and local communities, as reported by the ...

Palmetto Conservation Foundation starts Palmetto Conservation Corps

The Palmetto Conservation Foundation announced Tuesday the Palmetto Conservation Corps, the only trail-based AmeriCorps program in the state.

Cotton Rivercare Champion Shows Us The Biodiversity On Cotton Farms

The water rat's name is Templeton, says six-year-old Edward, as though it's completely normal to share your front garden with a water rat. Edward and ...

Lottery pledge to aid golden eagles in Scottish borders

Conservationists think there are currently no more than four pairs. They hope it will ultimately boost wildlife tourism and biodiversity in the area.

Nature - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
1. Nature - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. 2. Mesa County protests conservation area plan. 3. Zinke's conservation record falls way short. more ... ...

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