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81 FR 12573 - Conservation Stewardship Program

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81 FR 12573 - Conservation Stewardship Program

Publication Title Mouse over help for Publication Title says The title of the publication. Individual Federal Register, Federal Register Volume 81, Issue ...

The science of conservation

Since 1964, some 120 pottery pieces have been kept in national artifact storage with other relics excavated from Geumgangsa Temple in Buyeo, ...

Ancient Killeshandra church selected for conservation scheme

The church is in need of specialist advice for architectural conservation, and the group would also like to raise awareness about this important site.

Government signs MoU on conservation of birds of prey

The Government has signed 'Raptor MoU' - a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on conservation of birds of prey in Africa and Eurasia.

Office Manager and Bookkeeper

The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF) is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of lemurs through managed breeding, non-invasive ...

Los Funcionarios: Mexico-Based Alums Drive Ambitious Conservation Initiative

Across Mexico, a young cohort of F&ES alumni are driving one of the most important experiments in forest conservation happening anywhere.

Perverse outcomes: Can conservation aid spur deforestation?

Conservation aid may sometimes result in a short-term increase in deforestation, a new study finds – highlighting the incredibly complex network of ...

IL Gets $21 million in Conservation Funding
1. IL Gets $21 million in Conservation Funding. 2. Mpumalanga locals roped into conservation. 3. Water conservation requested for Wainiha, Haena areas. more ... ...

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Alternatives: Conservation, Democracy, Energy

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