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Support conservation with sales tax

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Support conservation with sales tax

Conservation - Land stewardship, soil conservation and health and water quality have short- and long-term benefits for farm families and the broader society.

Why Falklands' conservation and management zone is so productive

Conservation - Three decades ago, on 29 October 1986 a Proclamation declaring the Interim Falklands Conservation and Management Zone was signed by then ...

Bird festival hosting to boost environmental conservation awareness

Conservation - NEGROS Occidental's hosting of the 11th Philippine Bird Festival will highlight the need to further strengthen the conservation awareness among ...

Elected but unheralded, conservation districts pick their members Tuesday

Conservation - Locally, the Crook County Soil and Water Conservation District has three people running for four positions, while in Deschutes County four people are ...


PM Narendra Modi to open 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress on Sunday

Biodiversity - The conference, to be held here on November 6-9, is being organised by the Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources and Biodiversity International, ...

Ulverston environmentalist and author to undertake epic cycling journey

Biodiversity - Over the course of her journey Dr Rawles will be meeting with those engaged in biodiversity projects as well as seizing the opportunity to have ...

Ameenpur lake declared Biodiversity Heritage Site

Biodiversity - HYDERABAD: The Ameenpur lake, which has long been a bird-watcher's delight, was declared a 'Biodiversity Heritage Site' on Friday. The new title ...

Biodiversity in 2050 LA

Biodiversity - Biodiversity in 2050 LA. by H. Bradley Shaffer Director, La Kretz Center; Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability ...


M'luru: Ecological sensitivity leads to economy of permanance: Prof Mark Lindsley

Ecology - Ecological sensitiveness needs to become a topic of our real community wherein adequate production with decent distribution for the Welfare of ...


Ecology - Abstract. The importance of multispecies models for understanding complex ecological processes and interactions is beginning to be realized. Recent ...

Identifying multispecies synchrony in response to environmental covariates

Ecology - The ability to group species together according to how they respond to a particular measured covariate may be of particular interest to ecologists.

For two years, Handley's ecology class has grown food for C-CAP

Ecology - Jeff Taylor/The Winchester Star slug: 04GROW4 Handley High School seniors Irene Linares and Destiny Dokes havest student-grown lettuce at the ...

Conservation of fuel for better life essay
1. Conservation of fuel for better life essay. 2. Biodiversity - General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Builds Vehicles and Biodiversity at Facilities. 3. Ecology - Prof. Ute Maria Skiba. more ... ...

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Alternatives, Conservation, Democracy, Renewable Energy

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