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City Can't Justify Water Conservation Charge

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City Can't Justify Water Conservation Charge

Conservation - City of Española water customers are familiar with the line on their monthly bill labeled “water conservation charge.” This charge was implemented ...

Kenya's private sector urged to support conservation efforts

Conservation - She noted that wildlife conservation efforts are largely funded by external ... should plough back some of its profits into wildlife conservation efforts.

Conservation awards handed out at Marion banquet

Conservation - The Evergreen Soil & Water Conservation District held its annual awards banquet at the Hungry Mother State Park Restaurant on Thursday, Oct. 13.

China moves endangered porpoises in conservation measures

Conservation - Chinese researchers have successfully transported eight rare Yangtze finless porpoises to the eastern Anhui Province section of the Yangtze River as ...


Biodiversity Collections Wireframes

Biodiversity - Biodiversity collections wireframes teaser · Biodiversity Collections Wireframes. by Michel Doudin. 0 Rebounds. Sign up to continue or sign in.

New controversy breaks out over HS2 ancient woodland destruction

Biodiversity - "This report is clarification that HS2 has failed on its key objective of 'no net loss of biodiversity' and that this project will be to the detriment of the ...

DEVOTES: Exploring High-Edge Tools for Marine Biodiversity Assessment

Biodiversity - This tool was used in the marine biodiversity and marine ecosystem assessments. This includes a wide range of activities involved also in ecosystem ...

Determine the value of natural capital

Biodiversity - “In Namibia, nature counts because ecosystems and their biodiversity underpin the country's economy and human well-being and need to be ...


Plants modulate accumulation of metabolites at organ level

Ecology - Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena and the University of Heidelberg, Germany, illuminated the diversity and different ...

Ecology: People, pets should stay out of part of Lake Padden for now

Ecology - Ecology officials say a bacterial bloom reported Thursday has made the lake unsafe for humans and pets until further notice. Staff The Bellingham ...

Assistant Ecologist

Ecology - Full-time permanent role to assist with ecological consultancy services for the Company. Work will include assisting in the undertaking and production ...

Africa's Spiny Trees Offer Lessons in Understanding the Earth's Ecology

Ecology - The Serengeti; Chobe; Kruger; the Masai Mara: in many people's minds, savannas are Africa. This hasn't always been true, though. About 30 million ...

MFA plans $24 million conservation center project
1. MFA plans $24 million conservation center project. 2. Biodiversity - Sustainable Schools Award for St. Teilo's. 3. Ecology - California Votes to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags. more ... ...

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