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Hembree newest conservation officer

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Hembree newest conservation officer

Conservation - Indiana Conservation Officers are reporting a vacancy in District Seven has been filled. Officer Kyle Hembree was recently granted a transfer request ...

Conservation project talk for U3A

Conservation - She told us about the Bearded Vultures of the Spanish Pyrenees, and the conservation project which she continues to support after having spent the ...

Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards

Conservation - Phraya Si Thammathirat Residence honored with the 2014 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Award of Merit in a festive ceremony at the site ...

Hearing date set for purchase of agricultural conservation easements

Conservation - A Nov. 16 hearing is expected to result in the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approving the purchase of agricultural conservation easements ...


How environmental DNA is revolutionizing biodiversity research

Biodiversity - As you know from crime television shows, humans leave their DNA everywhere and forensics are a way to trace back to the perpetrator of the crime.

Database helps plant 'right tree for the right place'

Biodiversity - The team of scientists hope the information will help shift the focus away from the way trees look towards on the focus on biodiversity. Over the next ...

POLICY INTERNSHIP at CEEweb for Biodiversity

Biodiversity - About us: CEEweb for Biodiversity was founded in 1994 (under the name of Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of ...

The impact of climate change on Arctic biodiversity

Biodiversity - As an arachnologist studying the biodiversity of spiders and insects in Arctic systems, Buddle is no stranger to the hostile environments of the North.


Assistant Professor, Disease Ecology

Ecology - Assistant Professor, Disease Ecology in with Montclair State University. Apply Today.

Phylogenetic Taxonomy

Ecology - Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. Vol. 23: 449-480 (Volume publication date November 1992). DOI: 10.1146/

CCGA to host second annual Coastal Ecology Symposium

Ecology - College of Coastal Georgia will bring together students, scientists and community leaders on Friday to discuss local ecological work and research at ...

Contanda port expansion and air quality: will it stink?

Ecology - The Department of Ecology's Environmental Impact Statement states, “The only compound with sufficient emissions to have the potential to have a ...

New law recognizes meadows, streams as green infrastructure
1. New law recognizes meadows, streams as green infrastructure. 2. Biodiversity - Tapping the public to do science work. 3. Ecology - Trump: America's Pilot-In-Chief In The Post-Ecological Age. more ... ...

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