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Conservation - Thailand suspends seahorse trade amid conservation concerns

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Thailand suspends seahorse trade amid conservation concerns

Conservation - Thailand suspends seahorse trade amid conservation concerns. September 30, 2016. ABC News published an Associated Press story on Thailand's ...

Researchers sample unusually rich deep-sea area off Hawaii

Conservation - Jack Kittinger, the senior director of the Hawaii program at Conservation International, told the AP that the Kona coast is "such a gift," full of spectacular ...

Bruce Bisset: Scheme so cunning it's diabolic

Conservation - So Conservation Minister Maggie Barry's decision to front a challenge to the Court of Appeal's ruling that conservation park land cannot be given away ...

BHP Billiton donates millions to new Nature Conservancy program

Conservation - "BHP Billiton is excited to partner with The Nature Conservancy on this critical conservation initiative,” Steve Pastor, president of petroleum operations ...



Biodiversity - This article has been accepted for publication and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination and ...

Pioneers in technology, biodiversity to receive Stibitz, Wilson awards Oct. 7

Biodiversity - BOZEMAN -- Pioneering minds from the fields of technology and biodiversity will visit Montana State University students on Friday, Oct. 7, as part of the ...

A Species Index of Primary Biodiversity Information

Biodiversity - A Species Index of Primary Biodiversity Information - An index that shows how much do we know of PBD for each of the mammals, birds, reptiles and .

Offshore Wind Noise Reduction Having Positive Impact On Porpoise

Biodiversity - ... towards a zero-carbon future, we must take the right steps to allow the maximum deployment of renewable energy at minimal cost to biodiversity.


Marxism and the Dialectics of Ecology

Ecology - The recovery of the ecological-materialist foundations of Karl Marx's thought, as embodied in his theory of metabolic rift, is redefining both Marxism ...

More Ecological Art in Vancouver, Please!

Ecology - Ecological art developed along with the growing awareness of environmental issues and the accompanying rise of the environmental movement.

Industry Lawsuits Mount Against Washington State's New Carbon Cap

Ecology - A spokeswoman for the Washington state Department of Ecology said her agency carefully considered the legal and economic issues based on ...

Mason commissioners seek grant for next phase of Belfair sewer

Ecology - BELFAIR — The Mason County commissioners voted 2-1 to apply for a state Department of Ecology grant for the design of a future phase of the Belfair ...

Conservation - Steel balls for lessons on energy conservation
1. Conservation - Steel balls for lessons on energy conservation. 2. Biodiversity - New plan for higher education. 3. Ecology - Seeking to restore habitat and reduce flood damage in Chehalis River Basin. more ... ...

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