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Bharathidasan Subbaiah

Conservation - The native from Tamil Nadu, India, is known in the conservation community for his ... I got inspired and decided to work to conserve these species.

Tread carefully with GE pest control, Govt warned

Conservation - Such an ambitious policy could require novel methods, including genetic solutions, the Department of Conservation said in a business case for the ...

The battle for our bird: 100000 kiwi by 2030

Conservation - The Department of Conservation's Kiwi Recovery Plan 2017-2027, launched this morning, aims to reach the ambitious milestone by turning the two ...

San Diego Zoo turns 100 amid a global debate over the treatment of animals in captivity

Conservation - Amid the shifting public attitudes about how animals are treated, zoos and aquariums everywhere are putting their focus on conservation. San Diego ...


Auburn University Museum of Natural History hosts open house event

Biodiversity - "The mission of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History is to conduct biodiversity research, preserve and document our region and planet's ...


Biodiversity - The BioDiversity project aims to contribute to the creation of a European society more sensitive to the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and ...

Skinks, bats and things that crawl

Biodiversity - Here's what the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, says about biological diversity, or 'biodiversity.' It "means the number and variety of different ...

American Natural History Museum to offer patrons expedition-style tour to Seychelles in 2017

Biodiversity - ... growing number of visitors are coming to the Seychelles with the specific intention to see as much as possible of the Seychelles' unique biodiversity.


Perennial wheat is an ecologist's dream. Soon it may be what's for dinner.

Ecology - It didn't look like much: Just a little bag of brown grains. I whizzed them in the blender to make flour, then cooked up a batch of pancakes. They looked ...

Baguio air safe — ecologists

Ecology - BAGUIO CITY—The city's air is still breathable, City Environment and Parks Management Office announced in response to a report by the World ...

Lal Singh inaugurates wildlife week at Kathua

Ecology - This was stated by Minister for Forest, Ecology and Environment Ch. Lal Singh during a programme to commemorate wildlife week here at Kathua ...

Ecology, justice and an enslaved vanilla pollinator

Ecology - Ecology: the study of relationships between every type of organisms and all their environments. Vanilla orchids are the only orchids that produce the ...

Conservation - Thailand suspends seahorse trade amid conservation concerns
1. Conservation - Thailand suspends seahorse trade amid conservation concerns. 2. Biodiversity - Abstract. 3. Ecology - Marxism and the Dialectics of Ecology. more ... ...

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Alternatives: Conservation, Democracy, Energy

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