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Conservation - Obama addresses climate change, conservation at Tahoe summit

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Obama addresses climate change, conservation at Tahoe summit

Conservation - President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday at the Lake Tahoe Summit about the challenges of climate change and the importance of conservation.

Contra Costa: Apply for Resource Conservation District board openings

Conservation - MARTINEZ -- The Contra Costa Resource Conservation District is looking for three people -- land owners with a strong interest in soil and water ...

Committee: Divert Sauk County conservation project money to bike trail

Conservation - A helicopter like this one will help string power lines through transmission towers in Dane County over the next few months as the first leg of the ...

At the World Conservation Congress, 3 Growing Signs of Hope for Forests and Wildlife

Conservation - The World Conservation Congress, held every four years, is one of the greatest demonstrations of conservation innovations. Three in particular ...


Arctic Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

Biodiversity - One of the major factors affecting Arctic biodiversity today is the rapid rise in the region's temperature, now proceeding at twice the global rate.[4] Ice in ...

Data from: The fragmentation of Pangaea and Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrate biodiversity

Biodiversity - Title, Supplementary_materials_S4. Downloaded, 1 time. Description, Individual areas for each terrestrial region through the Mesozoic, as used to ...

A 'green' rap on the knuckles

Biodiversity - The act calls for the protection and management of biodiversity through the setting up of biodiversity management committees (BMC) for managing ...

Stroud to explore global impact of Costa Rica

Biodiversity - Tropical ecologist Dan Janzen and his wife and research partner Winnie Hallwachs will lead a lively talk about conservation through biodiversity ...


New species of weta drumming in the jungle

Ecology - The Ecology Group at the Institute of Agriculture and Environment studies the identity, diversity, abundance and interactions of New Zealand's biota; ...

Dam operators at Penticton release pulse flows to help migrating sockeye salmon

Ecology - Ecology operates the Zosel Dam on the Okanogan River at Oroville, which regulates the level of Osoyoos Lake and the flow of water downstream.

MSU Extension offers online lake ecology course

Ecology - The Michigan State University Extension will offer a six-week online Introduction to Lakes course for anyone interested in learning about Michigan's ...

Habitat is a crucial factor in survivability of released tortoises Zoological Society of San Diego

Ecology - In a paper published in the recent edition of the Journal of Applied Ecology, a team of wildlife experts from San Diego Zoo Global, the U.S. Geological ...

Conservation - Venomous snake on the loose at Greenwood Conservation Area in Ajax
1. Conservation - Venomous snake on the loose at Greenwood Conservation Area in Ajax. 2. Biodiversity - Ten Percent of Earth's Biodiversity Depends on Colombia's Water. 3. Ecology - Volunteer in the Plant Ecology Lab at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. more ... ...

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