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Conservation - Global warming is key topic at Hawaii conservation congress

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Global warming is key topic at Hawaii conservation congress

Conservation - HONOLULU (AP) - The international community came together Thursday in Hawaii for 10 days of talks by leading academics, conservation groups ...

Conservation group celebrates 25th anniversary with 25-canoe paddle

Conservation - A conservation group in Manitoba celebrated 25 years with a 25-canoe paddle along the Assiniboine River on Thursday. Dozens of nature lovers ...

Opening of the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Conservation - Rainforest Trust's CEO Dr. Paul Salaman and conservation officers are in Hawaii for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ...

US Takes Key Step to Implement Sage Grouse Conservation Plan

Conservation - Federal land managers have issued new guidelines that will help determine what restrictions are imposed on oil and gas drilling, livestock grazing ...


Experts call for a national habitat conservation system

Biodiversity - Disparate state, local, private and federal conservation efforts are failing to protect biodiversity. Connectivity and coordination would help, say agency ...

NGT issues notices to Centre, State on Shivaji memorial

Biodiversity - “Along with being a threat to the biodiversity, the construction of the memorial will destroy the livelihood of the fishing community of the area as it is a ...

Scientists Develop a Better Method for Measuring River Biodiversity

Biodiversity - Scientists have developed a new method for measuring biodiversity in river systems. By measuring environmental DNA found in rivers, the research ...

Global biodiversity monitoring: from data sources to essential biodiversity variables

Biodiversity - Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) consolidate information from varied biodiversity observation sources. Here we demonstrate the links between ...


Washington: Railroads must show they can handle oil spills

Ecology - Washington's Department of Ecology has adopted a new rule requiring that railroads shipping oil through the state demonstrate that they can ...

Recycler Hit With Half-Million-Dollar Fine After Dumping Electronic Waste In Hong Kong

Ecology - The Washington Department of Ecology issued a $444,000 dollar fine Thursday to Total Reclaim, the state's largest electronic waste recycler.

Understanding the Natural Ecology of Polio Can Help Drive Eradication

Ecology - Micaela Martinez, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, explains how studying polio ...

New oil rule requires contingency plans from railroads

Ecology - The Washington Department of Ecology adopted a rule Wednesday establishing contingency planning requirements for railroads transporting oil in ...

Conservation - Looking Ahead to the World Conservation Congress
1. Conservation - Looking Ahead to the World Conservation Congress. 2. Biodiversity - The anatomy of an apple pie: biodiversity at its finest. 3. Ecology - Species conservation profile of a critically endangered endemic for the Azores spider Pensoft .... more ... ...

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