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Conservation - Snow leopard conservation project brings animal back from the brink

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Snow leopard conservation project brings animal back from the brink

Conservation - A unique conservation effort in Afghanistan has helped bring the elusive snow leopard back from the brink and given hope to one of the poorest and ...

Snow leopards' return brings hope to remote Afghan region

Conservation - WAKHAN, Afghanistan (AP) — In a picturesque corner of Afghanistan, a unique conservation effort has helped bring the elusive snow leopard back ...

Great Barrier Reef 'Bold Turtle Conservation' Project Saves 60K Green Turtles

Conservation - A project to raise the height of a green turtle nesting area has helped save eggs and hatchlings. The project on Raine Island, north-west of Cairns, ...

Little room to move on Kermadec sanctuary - Key

Conservation - "You've got a slightly unusual situation because iwi when it comes to conservation issues and conservation groups are [usually] on the same page.


Biodiversity in the spotlight as reports highlight need for infrastructure advances

Biodiversity - An international collaboration of top biologists has found that vital improvements must be made to forecast the global impact of climate change on ...

Wild for Taranaki Proposes Genuine Paradise in Our Region

Biodiversity - The other three were the growth of the Community Biodiversity Fund, and development of 'Wild about Wetlands' and 'Wild about the Coast'. The latter ...

Preserving biodiversity for a prosperous Papua

Biodiversity - Held under the theme of "Biodiversity and Ecotourism, Papua Economic Solutions", a number of countries and international institutions participated in ...

New designs in 18 projects to assuage environmental concerns | Chandigarh NYOOOZ

Biodiversity - In the 18 projects, the design would facilitate longitudinal connectivity, minimum water flow during the lean season and biodiversity conservation.


The LegCo Elections and the Political Ecology of the New Territories

Ecology - From an environmentalist perspective, I aim to provide general readers with a descriptive account of the political ecology in the New Territories.

Ending Ecocide And Genocide

Ecology - Centuries ago an epic wave of ecological terror swept from Northern Europe as the industrial revolution and colonialism put a price on everything, ...

College Council

Ecology - The College Council is an elected body of faculty that advises the Dean on college policies and procedures such as programs, fiscal matters, and ...

Integrative taxonomy of the fly orchid group: insights from chemical ecology

Ecology - In the fly orchid group, molecular, morphological, and ecological characters have been extensively studied, but a comprehensive survey of floral ...

Conservation - Giraffes May Actually Be Four Separate Species,
1. Conservation - Giraffes May Actually Be Four Separate Species,. 2. Biodiversity - UNESCO-recognized area east of Edmonton opens 'biodiversity trail'. 3. Ecology - Two Faculty Positions in Ecology. more ... ...

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Alternatives: Conservation, Democracy, Energy

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