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Netherlands moots electric car future...

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Netherlands moots electric car future...

Sales of petrol and diesel cars could be banned in The Netherlands within a decade, if a proposal put forward in parliament becomes law.

Vegetables irrigated with treated wastewater expose consumers to drugs

Benny Chefetz from the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the ... It was recently published in Environmental Science and Technology.


Events promoting the reduction in low carbon emissions, fuels and vehicles.

M&M finds its E-xperiment a hard sell in India

Even as Anand Mahindra doffs his hat to Tesla's Elon Musk for laying the groundwork on electric vehicles, he knows he faces an uphill task in India.

New Car Brand from China: LeSee, with an Electric Supercar

And that has all to do with the faraway-future plans of the company; they want to build an entirely new automotive ecosystem consisting of electric cars ...

Humanity Could Give Up Fossil Fuels In 10 Years If It Wanted To

While it took us nearly 70 years to introduce electricity into the mainstream these ... Tesla's Model 3 electric car has had over a 300,000 pre-orders.

miller - Jawanmardi

... College in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and from the University of Houston with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science in 2014.

Model Y Expected From Tesla As Rumors Intensify
1. Model Y Expected From Tesla As Rumors Intensify. 2. Tesla electric car demand energizes plans for NWT lithium and cobalt mines. 3. Electric car charging units installed. more ... ...

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