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WATCH: Stuntman backflips over electric Formula E racing car

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WATCH: Stuntman backflips over electric Formula E racing car

The video, to help promote the FIA Formula E Championship for single-seat electric cars, shows stuntman, free-runner and gymnast Damien Walters ...

Bob Lutz called 2017 Chevy Bolt EV a 'compliance car'; is it?

Electric-car advocates are often passionate, with memories long enough to remember GM's 2004 destruction of its pioneering fleet of EV1 electric cars.

Electric car batteries could help power railways

The team envisions that in future, electric-car owners could be offered free parking tickets in exchange for lending their car's batteries to the railway's ...

KU's final Foundation Professor to bring expertise in engineering environmental solutions

... Heroes of Chemistry Award, and in 2005 he received DuPont's Bolton Carothers Innovative Science Award for advances in environmental science.

Dutch railway planning rapid electric car charging stations

NS and Fastned reached an agreement on the construction of three fast-charging stations for electric cars on vacant lots in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and ...

BMW's Electric Car Gurus Are Defecting to China

The people behind some of the most acclaimed electric vehicles on the roads ... Neither company has any pedigree in making cars, although a third ...

Electric car takes to 'Route 57' to prove it can go the long haul

AN electric car stopped off in Brighton while navigating a road trip-style route designed to rival America's famous Route 66. The journey, spanning ...

Netherlands moots electric car future...
1. Netherlands moots electric car future.... 2. Vegetables irrigated with treated wastewater expose consumers to drugs. 3. Events. more ... ...

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