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Scottish spin out wins funding

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Scottish spin out wins funding

Scottish company Synaptec has won £370,000 of investment to take its photonic sensing systems for power networks into the renewable energy and ...

Kenya exhibition places focus on renewable energy

The event is organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) in partnership with Kenya's Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and the ...

MRC Allied plans foray into renewable energy

PUBLICLY LISTED MRC Allied, Inc. is more than tripling its capital, as the property developer plans to expand its renewable energy portfolio.

Mercedes explores ways to turn its Sprinter van all-electric

Spurred by Tesla Motors and competitor German luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz is planning a handful of new electric cars. The first is likely to be a ...

Plug-in electric car sales in July: Volt passes 100000 with strong numbers

Last month marked a major milestone for U.S. sales of plug-in electric cars: the 100,000th Chevrolet Volt was delivered. It's the first car with a plug in ...

NY agrees renewables goal

Utilities and other energy suppliers will be required to procure and phase in new renewable power resources starting with 26.31% in 2017 and ...

World's most efficient electric car gets an outrageous 26135 MPGe

One little three-wheeled car is zooming ahead to the future, with an outrageously efficient electric engine that rates a staggering 26,135 mile per gallon ...

Batteries included: fixing the gaps in renewable energy

The July 2016 experience in that state has raised questions about the effects of high and increasing proportions of renewable energy, gas policies, ...

Renewable Energy

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Battle Over Renewable Energy Continues In Illinois

A hearing is being held this week in Chicago on a federal program designed to jumpstart renewable energy projects. States that get on board would ...

Electric vehicles win strong support

A four-seat electric car, which claimed to be the smallest of its kind in the world, is shown at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology in Bangkok last year.

[Interview] DJ Hardwerk Talks Alternative Energy And Working With Akon

Tackling the need for alternative energy, which Akon is known for specializing in with his Lighting Africa project, the two are creating an awareness for ...

Rochester Next to Seek Electric Car Grants
1. Rochester Next to Seek Electric Car Grants. 2. Renewables can reach 27% of Dominican Rep's energy mix by 2030 - IRENA. 3. Electric-drive cars should fuel, charging is 'dead end,' says NanoFlowcell. more ... ...

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