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Electric car pollution, Tesla 'SpaceBus,' 2017 BMW diesels: Today's Ca

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Electric car pollution, Tesla 'SpaceBus,' 2017 BMW diesels: Today's Car News

Today, we look at the amount of pollution attributable to electric cars, Elon Musk says Tesla will develop a van-like "SpaceBus," and the EPA approves ...

Tesla executive calls competitor cars 'appliances'

Automakers might think they're making exciting electric cars, but they're really doing nothing more than building boring appliances. At least that's what ...

Honolulu pursues new renewable energy project

HONOLULU (AP) — Environmental groups are praising Honolulu's efforts to turn a byproduct from its wastewater treatment plant into renewable ...

How much do electric cars really pollute, even without tailpipes?

As advocates and some governments push for more plug-in electric cars, that poses a valid question: what's the total emission impact of driving a ...

Auto Makers, Regulators Spar on Fuel Economy

Stringent standards can force auto makers toward electric cars and other vehicles that consumers don't want amid low fuel prices, Mr. Bainwol said.

Electric dreams: how Nissan is building the future of auto with kick-ass, avant-garde tech

A few weeks back T3 flew to Tokyo, Japan, on an invitation to come and check out Nissan's new autonomous ProPilot drive assist technology.

Duke Energy Renewables completes the final Los Vientos wind project in Texas

Duke Energy Renewables has installed more than 1,500 MW of wind energy in Texas, more than double its owned wind capacity in other states ...

Solar-powered irrigation: A solution to water management in agriculture?

Solar energy might be one of the easiest ways for farmers to produce energy. Indeed, farmers usually have several large buildings whose roofs are ...

University of Strathclyde's Synaptec receives grant to enter renewable energy market

The University of Strathclyde's company Synaptec has received funding of £370,000 to enter the renewable energy and subsea markets. The grant ...

EV charging stations will overtake petrol stations by 2020

There will be more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations than petrol stations in the UK within four years, according to Japanese carmaker Nissan.

Louisiana Can't Pay for Its Solar Tax Credits: 'It's Bad to Do This to People. It's Just Wrong.'

Electric vehicles seem to have a lot of advantages over cars that run on gasoline or diesel. It is easy to see how they come in handy for the German ...

Is Elon Musk's One-Stop-Shop Model the Renewable Energy Sector's Next Big Thing?

But is Elon Musk, the electric-car maker's CEO, onto something big with his plan to create a one-stop shop for renewable energy and storage?

Scottish spin out wins funding
1. Scottish spin out wins funding. 2. Kenya exhibition places focus on renewable energy. 3. MRC Allied plans foray into renewable energy. more ... ...

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