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Apple given all-clear to sell energy from solar farm

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Apple given all-clear to sell energy from solar farm

Electronics giant Apple has been granted permission to sell energy generated at its $850m (£645m) solar farm in California. Last year, the tech firm ...

Mercedes-Benz Will Reportedly Create an Electric Car Sub-Brand

Like seemingly every automaker in existence, Mercedes-Benz is taking electric vehicles very seriously. Of course, we've already seen prototypes of its ...

Vergnet drives on in Chad

When the project has been completed in December, the city of Amdjarass will become the first in Chad to be fully powered by renewable energy.

Good Morning, News: Olympics Begin, Renewable Energy is Cheap, and Trump Trolls Portland

Here's some really good news: After state legislators voted to phase out coal power in favor of renewable energy earlier this year, Republican ...

Volkswagen's New Strategy Is All About Electric Cars

It outlines VW's push towards electric vehicles, with three separate platforms for the VW Group. The plan also mentions more economy-focused and ...

Zero-emissions 'compliance cars' rear-end consumers

Electric cars have been a hard sell for two reasons: They are expensive, and low gas prices—ushered in by the hydraulic fracturing boom in the United ...

An example of an electric vehicle charging station

The town of Victory is working on a draft of a local law that would potentially allow the installation of an electric vehicle charging station.

Sales Manager(s)-Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency-HOME BASED

Sales Manager(s)-Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency. Nationwide growing renewable energy procurement company seeking two Renewables ...

Renewable Energy Wars: Living Microbial Electricity Generators Vs. The Nukes

The University of Michigan is poised to enter the exciting field of microbial waste management with an electrifying renewable energy twist.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Solar Impulse 2 pilot: 'We are at the limit of the technology'

Solar Impulse 2 landed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, last month ... to set more ambitious targets for clean energy and emissions reductions.

Renewable tech drives skills development programmes in SA

In South Africa, the development of the renewable energy schools' programme at the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) ...

How Industrial Firms Invest in Renewable Energy, Affordably

Big companies have been buying a lot of clean energy lately – 3.5 gigawatts of renewable capacity last year alone (a good chunk of all the capacity ...

The BladeGlider is the 'electric vehicle for car-lovers'
1. The BladeGlider is the 'electric vehicle for car-lovers'. 2. Group buy seeks to slash price of electric car. 3. GE to invest $31 million in Mytrah Energy wind project. more ... ...

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