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Banks Lent Rs 18000 Crore for Green Energy in Just 9 Months: Renewable

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Banks Lent Rs 18000 Crore for Green Energy in Just 9 Months: Renewable Energy Secretary

Indian banks are throwing their weight behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's renewable energy mission. That's according to Upendra Tripathy, the ...

FOCUS: Growth in programs that buy green electricity

Lauded as a leader in plugging homes and businesses into solar and wind farms, the state requires utility companies get at least a third of their energy ...

Tesla Motors (TSLA): Does Anyone Need an All-electric Bus, Semi, or Pickup?

Taking into account all the things, it should be noted that in spite of Tesla could offer 80,000 vehicles this year, the market for electric cars hasn't ...

Upgraded BMW i3 Deliveries Beginning Soon

Tesla Motors is in another level, by competing with high performance cars and Volkswagen talks a lot about electric cars but acts very slow.”.

Noted Investor Betting On Tesla Motors (TSLA) Stock Crash

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are reportedly launching their own line of electric cars within a few years. On the other hand, Toyota, which rolled out one of ...

Here's How Formula 1 Cars Compare To Electric Formula E Racers

While they may feature the same power units, gearboxes, brakes and tyres, there is still a considerable amount of scope for producing a unique car ...

Stunning Deals On Used Electric Cars … At The Expense Of 1st Owners

In Steve's article below, he highlights the costs that early adopters (buyers) of electric cars pay for bringing society one step closer to clean ...

Army heeds Obama call, attacks high energy bills

The arrangements can also include installation of renewable energy projects, like solar panels and wind turbines. But the Army says that most still ...

How Do Electric Vehicles Produce Instant Torque?

The emergence of electric vehicles in the marketplace has meant that the reputations of even the torquiest IC engines are at risk. With companies like ...

Who owns the wind? We do, Wyoming says, and it's taxing those who use it

... renewable energy, some of the more expansive minds in the Wyoming Legislature began entertaining a lofty question: Who owns all of that wind?

Next Weeks Broker Price Targets For Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (NYSE:BEP)

Stock market analysts and brokers have recently amended their target prices on shares of Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (NYSE:BEP).

Indian Ports Take Up Renewable Energy

The Indian Ministry of Shipping is in the process of installing solar and wind based power systems at major ports across the country. It aims to set up ...

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