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Solar energy amendment headed for primary, but will anyone vote?

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Solar energy amendment headed for primary, but will anyone vote?

TALLAHASSEE — Everyone who votes in the Aug. 30 primary can vote on an amendment to the Florida Constitution dealing with solar energy.

Prepping power grids for the electric vehicle revolution

The growth of electric vehicles could put a peak demand strain on unprepared power grids, but also offers opportunities to stabilise energy networks ...

4 Ways Electric Cars and Solar Energy Work Together

Home solar systems and electric cars are a natural money and planet-saving pair. As a savvy, earth-conscious homeowner, you've probably thought ...

Offshore investment grows

The increased offshore investment came despite a 25% drop in overall renewable energy investments in 2016 compared with last year, Planet OS ...

Volkswagen Planning To Debut 300-Mile Electric Car At Paris Show

Volkswagen is planning to launch a new electric vehicle with a massive 300-mile range and it is going to make is first appearance at the Paris motor ...

Renewable Energy Technical Services for Pacific Energy

Oceania . Renewable Energy Technical Services for Pacific Energy Conference 2016. Renewable Energy Technical Services for Pacific Energy ...

California lawmaker drops electric-vehicle bill

This April 25, 2016 file photo photo shows an electric Fiat plugged into a charging station in a parking lot in Los Angeles. Democratic Assemblywoman ...

US Navy To Power 'Great Green Fleet' With Australian Biofuel

The Navy said Queensland will supply the Asia-Pacific fleet with “drop in” alternative fuel that's fully compatible with its ships' petroleum-power ...

Canadian Solar revenue up 27%

“Our energy business now has approximately 472MW of solar power plants in operation, and approximately 900MW of additional solar power plants, ...

5 States Where Electric Vehicles Rule in America

While the Pacific Coast is the place where electric vehicles rule in America, one East Coast state cracked the top five. | Miles Willis/Getty Images.

Electric Car 'Insufficient Power Theory' Proven False

The electric cars that are roaming today's streets have a justifiable range for the 87 per cent of American drivers and is functioning to have sufficient ...

Electric vehicle company expanding in Foster City: Motiv Power Systems top zero-emission ...

Move over dirty diesel, there's a growing electric vehicle company in town hoping to make zero-emission trucks and buses the wave of the future.

MIT study says current electric cars could meet most of today's drivin
1. MIT study says current electric cars could meet most of today's drivin. 2. Greenpeace defines plan to fund solar energy use. 3. MIT: 87% of vehicles could be electric today with no problem. more ... ...

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