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Volkswagen looks to camper concept with cool fuel

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Volkswagen looks to camper concept with cool fuel

But with unusually low fuel prices, electric cars had a harder time in the US, where sales of plug-in vehicles declined 17 per cent in 2015 versus the ...

After odd/even its time to think about EVs

The time for electric vehicles, or EVs, may not yet be ripe for India, but the idea of non-polluting passenger cars is surely and certainly maturing - and ...

Scientists, watermen work together in new study to preserve oyster industry

Other scientists from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, which includes HPL and the Chesapeake Biological Lab in ...

Couple on a cross-country mission to return Volkswagen

They perused the electric cars and paid a visit to the VW booth, where they said they presented a company representative with a “Make VW pay” ...

Lawrence Tech University hybrid race car on display at auto show

While the competition is meant to stir more of an interest in electric cars, La Graff said it also gives students the chance to build a race car and drive it.

Editorial: Cars in the 21st century

Former Boulder Mayor Will Toor's letter to City Council urging it to take a leadership role in encouraging adoption of electric vehicles presents the ...

Tesla recharged for Connecticut market

Tesla, the upstart luxury electric-car company that failed last year in its attempt to open showrooms in Connecticut, will come back to the General ...

Honda, GM Plan Joint Fuel Cell Plant
1. Honda, GM Plan Joint Fuel Cell Plant. 2. West MP: Environment Agency can't lose another chairman. 3. Test drivers sought for electric cars. more ... ...

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