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Elon Musk Slams Suggestion Tesla Is Indirectly Killing Flamingos

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Elon Musk Slams Suggestion Tesla Is Indirectly Killing Flamingos

Therefore, it's possible, the report claims, that electric car makers could be ... depleting the flamingo population by requiring lithium for their vehicles.

New setback for Cape Wind

The Senate last week unanimously passed a bill that requires utilities to buy 2GW of offshore wind energy and 1.5GW from other renewable energy ...

Renewable Energy Development and Network Expansion and

Renewable Energy Development and Network Expansion and Rehabilitation for Remote Communes: Package NPC-ADB3/MV/LV - W6.1DB ...

7 Chinese companies that want to dominate the electric car market

If you've seen photos of Shanghai or Beijing engulfed in smog, you know that China has room for improvement on the environmental front. But change ...

Wind Power Egypt Conference to Return in October

Egypt is pursuing a renewable energy strategy aimed at achieving 20 percent electricity generation from wind energy by 2022 -- some 7,110 MW.

Solar energy powers Iowa jobs

Iowa is a state with nearly limitless renewable energy potential. With world-class wind resources and millions of acres of farmland, Iowa wind is now ...

'Airbnb' for electric cars launched in Sweden

Despite Sweden being famous for its focus on environmental issues, the sale of electric car use has been slow to shift into top gear. But a car maker ...

Chambers County Commission approves up to $140 million solar energy project agreement

There are 72 high-efficiency photovoltaic solar panels generating energy at the T.K. Davis Justice Center Complex in Lee County. Solar power is ...

US Wholesale DER Aggregation: Q2 2016

This dynamic next-generation energy system requires further market evolution which fully leverages distributed energy resources (DERs) and other ...

UK On Track To Miss 2020 Renewable Energy Targets, Says National Grid

The UK electricity System Operator, National Grid, has released a report that concludes the UK will likely miss its 2020 renewable energy targets.

Southern bags solar stake

Pacific Gas and Electric Company will buy the electricity and associated renewable energy credits generated by the facility under a 20-year power ...

Video: Renewable Energy Fights Pneumonia, Ropeless Elevator for Faster Movement and more!

Renewable energy technology converges with medical care as health professionals work to treat children suffering from severe pneumonia in ...

Government Subsidies and Incentives to Encourage Growth of the Global
1. Government Subsidies and Incentives to Encourage Growth of the Global . 2. Plug-In Electric Car Sales Report for June: more of the same. 3. National Grid sees major boost for solar, electric vehicles and batteries. more ... ...

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