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Red Butte unveiled in Dakota

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Red Butte unveiled in Dakota

The project will help meet the national 25% by 2025 renewable energy initiative and the significant regional need for clean energy, said PRC.

Germany Puts Brake on Renewable Energy Expansion

A new law will require generators of renewable energy to submit bids on a restricted number of projects as of 2017, replacing a system that allowed an ...

Southern scoops Texas solar

RES co-developed Lamesa, which will consist of 410,000 photovoltaic panels, with the originating developer BNB Renewable Energy Holdings.

Aclara participates in White House summit on scaling renewable energy and storage

Smart infrastructure technology supplier Aclara has participated in a White House summit on Scaling Renewable Energy and Storage with Smart ...

Scottish Borders Council buys electric vehicles with funding from Scottish Government

Two of the electric cars will be available for SB Cares social care staff and three others will be provided for the council's waste, neighbourhood ...

Germany Ramps Up Incentives to Boost EV Sales

Financial incentives are being used by many countries around the globe that want to encourage the use of electric vehicles and reduce carbon ...

If China Is So Committed To Renewable Energy, Why Are So Many New Coal Plants Being Built?

It seems like a contradiction: a country claiming that they are committed to improving its air quality, who has put up more windmills, solar panels, and ...

From kick returns to solar panels: Tim Dwight's life as solar energy advocate

Your teams. Your favorite writers. Wherever you want them. Personalize SI with our new App. Install on iOS or Android.​. Tim Dwight, the strikingly ...

RES eyes 180MW in Washington

The developer, a division of UK-headquartered Renewable Energy Systems, is pursuing the project “in response to increasing demands for electricity, ...

Paris Bans Vehicles Built before 1997

In the United States, cities aren't going after cars to curb pollution in quite the ... rail transit and encouraging residents to switch to electric vehicles.

Industry criticises offshore plan

Germany's new renewable energy law, approved by its parliament this week, is not as ambitious as other EU member states and lacks stability in ...

Namibia: Renewable Energy to Fight Poverty

He explained that Namibia needs a Renewable Energy in-Feed Tariff (REFIT) that makes it viable to invest in Renewable Energy instead of the ...

Electric Cars Get $2 Billion Boost From Dieselgate Payout
1. Electric Cars Get $2 Billion Boost From Dieselgate Payout. 2. HR firms falling short with UAE solar industry in growth spurt. 3. India, South Korea, And Ireland Are Growth Markets For Renewable Energy. more ... ...

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