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Cusi seeks review of renewable objectives

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Cusi seeks review of renewable objectives

The Energy Department plans to review the proposal of the National Renewable Energy Board to raise the installation target for wind and solar by an ...

Hitching a ride in the world's fastest electric city car

His Dodge Charger has bulletholes in the boot (caused, he suspects, by somebody firing from the inside out); his Austin Allegro, a car widely ...

Dan Nielsen: Behind the wheel of a Tesla electric car

The test drive convinced me that electric cars have a big role to play in the future of commuting and highway travel. When the combination of price and ...

Indian State Of Bihar Eyes 3.5 GW Renewable Energy Capacity By 2022

The Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) is currently conducting meetings with stakeholders to iron out the details of the policy ...

Why Did BMW Pull The Plug On Quick, Big Leadership On Electric Cars?

One of the more disheartening electric vehicle stories of the year was BMW pulling back on its plans to be an EV leader, rather than announcing a ...

Hyundai announces ambitious plans, to unveil wide range of electric vehicles by 2020

SEOUL, South Korea - With several countries across the globe moving towards fuel free transportation, South Korean auto giant, Hyundai has now ...

South Australia's energy madness

The South Australian Labor government's rush into renewable energy, particularly wind power, has forced coal-fired generation out of the state.

Punjab to install LED streetlights in rural areas

Chandigarh, Jul 17 (PTI) The Punjab government today said it will install LED streetlights, which run on solar energy, in rural areas of the state.

Adam Giles calls for national energy summit on SA energy crisis

Adam Giles calls for national energy summit on SA energy crisis ... in South Australia, which has led the charge into wind and solar energy in Australia.

Guest column: Base power plan on clean, not renewable energy

Further, these power sources are essential to the viability of other carbon-free, renewable resources such as wind and solar because they provide ...

European electric and plug-in hybrid sales for Jan-May 2016

Sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids took a dive in May, but the segment may still have enough momentum to reach a significant milestone in the ...

VW And Tesla: How Big The Reputation Hit?

The car's poor performance has been widely blamed for the failure of diesel ... Those who love electric vehicles and idolize Elon Musk will hardly be ...

Tesla cars with autopilot under formal investigation by NHTSA after fa
1. Tesla cars with autopilot under formal investigation by NHTSA after fa. 2. Nitin Gadkari visits Tesla Motors; offers land for Asia manufacturing hub for electric cars. 3. End to free charging for electric car users as surge in popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles .... more ... ...

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