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Tidal research goes commercial

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Tidal research goes commercial

... in the form of a number of best practice guidance documents at the the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult's Wave and Tidal Knowledge Network.

When a Tesla Model S and Ferrari drag-race an electric van...what happens?

It's become apparent fairly recently that electric cars are particularly well suited to drag racing. Their instant torque gets the cars off the line very quickly ...

Surge in second-hand electric vehicle market

The growing popularity of electric vehicles has seen a massive rise in the availability of affordable, second-hand electric vehicles (EV) in the UK over ...

Over-reliance on renewable energy has Whyalla fearing a grim future

The volatility is driven by a lack of local baseload power and an unreliable, intermittent renewable energy mix of more than 40 per cent. Yesterday, a ...

Volunteer Accountant @ Organisation Providing Renewable Energy

Our partner is a leading renewable energy company based in East Africa. The organisation have increased access to high quality, affordable power to ...

Tesla's fastest charging stations claim upheld by ad watchdog

Tesla Motors' charging stations for electric cars can be described as the fastest currently available in the world, the UK's ad watchdog has ruled.

Electric cars likely to become 'smarter' as Chinese start-ups adopt smartphone approach

The electric vehicle market is becoming a crowded field in China, with Beijing playing a major role in developing the sector through financial ...

Volkswagen Aims to Manufacture More Electric Vehicles by 2020

Volkswagen announced that it plans to manufacture electric vehicles in North America by 2020. Yesterday's announcement brings the company under ...

General Motors Will Launch Its First Fully Autonomous Car Through Lyft

While General Motors representatives did not disclose what brand will have the first fully-autonomous electric car, the executive chief engineer of ...

VW to build more electric cars by 2020 as it tackles diesel emissions scandal

Volkswagen has announced that it plans to build electric cars in North America by 2020. It is part of the German automaker's steps to recover from its ...

Amid Dieselgate Woes, Volkswagen Promises Electric Vehicles By 2020 To Save Its Reputation

Volkswagen announced that it wants to enlarge its electric vehicle fleet with up to 20 models by 2020. The manufacturing facilities will be in the U.S., ...

Threat to Tesla: Audi to Spend a Fortune on EV

Audi has set a goal to have electric cars account for 25% of its sales by 2025. The electric car is part of Audi's strategic plan to reduce emissions, ...

MP2 And Apex Partner On Renewable Energy For Fort Hood
1. MP2 And Apex Partner On Renewable Energy For Fort Hood. 2. VW's Audi plans electric car push to put heat on Tesla. 3. How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course. more ... ...

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