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Renewable energy advocates must 150+ signatures to support net meterin

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Renewable energy advocates must 150+ signatures to support net metering before PSB ruling

"Many of us are part of the vast renewable energy supply chain in Vermont including manufacturers, contractors, and other value-added businesses ...

Scientists unlock 'green' energy from garden grass

"Hydrogen is seen as an important future energy carrier as the world moves from fossil fuels to renewable feedstocks, and our research has shown ...

Republic Services and Mas Energy Unveil Latest Renewable Energy Project

ATLANTA, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) and Mas Energy, LLC unveiled today a new renewable energy project ...

Samsung invests $450M in Chinese electric car firm BYD

Samsung said just last week that it was in negotiations with BYD to help improve the company's automotive chips. But in a press release, BYD said it ...

Tesla's updated 'master plan' includes heavy solar focus

The future of energy generation will be “overwhelmingly in the form of solar”, he said last month. Critics of Tesla's plan to buy SolarCity, including some ...

How Elon Musk's New “Master Plan” Could Be Trouble for Uber

When Musk wrote the first master-plan manifesto 10 years ago, other car companies hadn't really discovered electric vehicles; now, every automaker ...

Sooner Than Some Think, Lyft Will Launch GM's First Autonomous Electric Car

General Motors will offer its first autonomous EV through its affiliated ride-sharing partner, Lyft, and things are coming together on an accelerated pace.

Tesla 'Master Plan' update defends Autopilot; electric SUV, pickup, autonomous bus coming

He said Tesla would sell a low-volume electric car, use the proceeds to create a higher-volume model, and then use money from that car's sales to ...

Audi Shifts Strategy In Favor Of Electric Cars And Mobility Services

Following the notorious Dieselgate scandal, the VW Group wants to reshape its business and shift its focus on electric vehicles - and that, of course, ...

'Weaknesses' in certifying sustainable biofuels 'could undermine' EU's 2020 renewable energy goals

Weaknesses in the system of certifying sustainable biofuels could undermine the basis of the EU's 2020 targets for renewable energy in transport.

Musk's new "master plan" for Tesla big on vision, short on detail

Elon Musk's latest "master plan" for Tesla Motors Inc laid out where he wanted to take the electric car maker, but provided few details on how he ...

Londonderry: Renewable energy firm fined £4000 for polluting river

A renewable energy company in County Londonderry has been fined £4,000 for polluting a tributary of the River Faughan. Greenan Generation Ltd ...

Tidal research goes commercial
1. Tidal research goes commercial. 2. When a Tesla Model S and Ferrari drag-race an electric van...what happens?. 3. Surge in second-hand electric vehicle market. more ... ...

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Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Soil

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