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VW battery factory, Electric-motorcycle road trip, CA charging-station

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VW battery factory, Electric-motorcycle road trip, CA charging-station expansion: Today's Car News

Today, a report claims Volkswagen may build its own battery factory to meet expanded electric-car production goals, Green Car Reports writer Ben ...

Two 100 year old electric cars to go under the hammer

If you're fairly new to electric cars, you might think their history goes back just a few years. However, electric cars actually date back to the 1800s with ...

What happens to hydraulic fracturing wastewater on cropland

To better understand its potential effects, scientists simulated what would ... They published their findings in the ACS journal Environmental Science ...

Politics, not ignorance, may pollute support for pro-science solutions

"This is really a message for scientists and science communicators: don't pollute and politicize the information environment around the issue, because ...

Ensuring the future affordability of wind turbines, computers and electric cars American Chemical ...

Technologies from wind turbines to electric vehicles rely on critical materials called rare-earth elements. These elements, though often abundant, can ...

VW to make big electric-car commitment; battery factory too?

Volkswagen is reportedly considering building its own battery factory as part of a large commitment to electric cars. The company is targeting sales of 1 ...

Class Calls BMW Electric Car Dangerous

SAN DIEGO (CN) — BMW electric car drivers with "range anxiety" — the fear that the electric charge will run out — sued the company in a federal ...

Best state to buy an electric car: Who powers ahead?

Boil it down to money, and the best place to own an electric vehicle in the United States is Colorado. That's according to an analysis by the ...

Mapbox Wants To Build Better Maps For Autonomous Cars

The future of self-driving cars currently depends on high-quality maps. ... And as rumors that Apple is working on its own electric vehicle proliferate, ...

Electric cars - Geiranger Forum

Answer 11 of 12: Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge about renting those little green electric cars in Geiranger?

SsangYong Joins Electric Vehicle Segment With Planned EV SUV For 2019

Now that it's back on a better footing, SsangYong is gearing up to join the electric vehicle ranks with the introduction of an EV SUV by 2019.

Apple considers electric-car charging stations

It seems that Apple plans to go all the way on the electric-path by also exploring the technology behind the charging stations for battery-powered cars.

Charge Me Up: SAE Developing Wireless Charging Standard for Electric C
1. Charge Me Up: SAE Developing Wireless Charging Standard for Electric C. 2. Your Next Hamburger May Come With a Side of Endangered Wolf. 3. Will Apple sell electric-car charging stations?. more ... ...

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