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Hyundai Developing All-Electric Genesis Luxury Car

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Hyundai Developing All-Electric Genesis Luxury Car

Hyundai already has experience with electric vehicles as the brand is gearing up to release its new Ioniq sedan. But Genesis wants to differentiate ...

Township e-jeepneys 'proof of concept' for electric vehicles

COMPLETE electric vehicle systems have been deployed in several real estate developments, including Filinvest City in Alabang as well as one each ...

In stopping the sale of petrol cars, Norway is driving the right road

By ending sales of new cars fuelled by petrol or diesel they will, within a decade or two, move to cars with electric motors run by alternative fuels. At the ...

Norway Will Likely Ban Gas-Powered Cars, and Elon Musk is Stoked

Electric cars already comprise 24% of vehicles on the streets of this affluent Scandinavian country — the highest percentage in the world, according to ...

Changing renewable energy perspectives with the Global Wind Energy Council

Find out the status of wind energy and the challenges it faces as countries shift from non-renewable energy to clean energy such as using wind power.

Norway may ban all gas & diesel cars, starting in 2025

To Americans and many others, the thought of such a ban might seem absurd--even impossible--but Norway is different. Electric vehicles already ...

Tesla Motors Inc to Compete With Chinese Sports Cars by 2018

While traditional automakers plan to rapidly electrify their fleet of vehicles, many startups are also working on electric concepts, particularly in China, ...

Norway to ban petrol cars by 2025

Speaking about the possible 2025 ban on non-electric cars, Elon Musk, ... Party''s proposal that no new diesel or petrol cars should be sold by 2030.

Altenex targets C&I entrants with proprietary PPA contract

Altenex is making public its proprietary Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement (REPA) in an effort to help first-time and occasional corporate and ...

Energy firms urge EU to back offshore wind

Some governments wanted to put in place new renewable energy targets for beyond the end of the decade, but these have been strenuously opposed ...

This Summer, Paris Will Ban All Cars Made Before 1997

London is investing in electric delivery vehicles, and Barcelona's superblocks are effectively pedestrianizing huge swathes of the city. Cities are finally ...

Tesla Aims For Another Potential Market by 2025

While the ban on such vehicles will not go down well with the automobile sector, manufacturers of electric cars will be more than happy with the news.

Macquarie on AGL Energy watch as renewables fund heats up
1. Macquarie on AGL Energy watch as renewables fund heats up. 2. diesel vehicles. 3. Tesla And The Future Of Automotive. more ... ...

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