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American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

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American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

They have rekindled their love of bigger cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, favoring them over small cars, hybrids and electric vehicles, ...

Panasonic Teams Up With BAIC In China Market.

Now it has also forged an alliance with Bejing Automotive Group (BAIC) to manufacture electric car parts and components in China. Beijing ...

Brexit: Potentially dangerous times for UK climate action

UKIP's manifesto does mention solar and hydro, but realistically, if these were included in any UKIP energy strategy, they would only play a minor role.

PECO Advances Local Solar Energy with Leadership of Successful Solar Stakeholder Collaborative

Announced on Earth Day 2016, PECO created and lead the Collaborative to work together to advance local solar energy for customers in ...

This electric vehicle can emulate almost any car with photoreal CG [Video-Gallery]

This week, The Mill, a visual effect company based in London, unveiled a new vehicle it developed in order to replace cars for commercials and other ...

Sweden is testing electric roads for trucks

It is hoped the electric system will help save fuel and reduce emissions, helping Sweden to meet its aim of a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet by the year ...

From Duryea to Tesla, cars have evolved much like Darwin's finches

By likening cars to Darwin's finches, the Toyota Matrix driver has been able to predict that the number of electric-powered models will be equal to the ...

Mercedes electric SUV concept for Paris: what we know so far

This lineup of electric cars will help Mercedes compete with Tesla Motors, as well as German rivals that are now scrambling to produce luxury electric ...

Rhode Island lawmakers advance 40% renewable standard

Rhode Island lawmakers have approved a measure that would expand the state's renewable energy standard from 14.5% by 2019 to 40% by 2035, ...

Lead Letter: Electric vehicle boom is on the way

In Japan, there are now more electric vehicle recharging stations than ... In Norway, more electric vehicles were sold last year than gasoline cars.

Xiaomi's foldable electric bike takes on competition with $450 price

Its Mi QiCycle Electric Folding Bike can boost a cyclist's pedaling for up to 45 kilometers on a ... The nation actually has more electric bikes than cars.

Taiwan sets 2025 target renewable energy installation capacity at 27.423GW

The Bureau of Energy under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, in line with the Taiwan government's goal of no nuclear power generation in 2025, ...

Project Manager
1. Project Manager. 2. Renewables-based energy system a step closer after huge support in Parliament. 3. New World Acceleration Record for Electric Cars. more ... ...

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