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How Chevy Volt Owners Support One Another Plugging In Each Others' Car

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How Chevy Volt Owners Support One Another Plugging In Each Others' Cars

There is a good EV Etiquette being developed among electric car owners helping one another to plugin and charge each others cars in public ...

2017 Chevrolet Volt Review Roundup: What Experts Like And Dislike About This Green Car

The 2017 Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid car hit the American roads earlier this year. Here is what reviewers like and dislike about the Chevy's latest car.

Despite Obama's pleas, Americans ditch electric vehicles

Thus far in 2016, about 75 percent of those who have traded in a fuel-efficient car (i.e.: hybrid or electric car) to a dealer have done so in favor of an ...

The Tesla And Solar City Merger Is Rooted In Battery Derangement Syndrome

Solar City is America's biggest residential solar company. ... [emphasis added] The director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at ...

Tesla Model X More Powerful Than Model S? Recent Test Reveals Which Tesla Is Quicker

... of it and found that the bulkier electric vehicle is more powerful of the pair. ... Curiously, the team notes that the Model S cars in the wild haven't been ...

The Tesla And Solar City Merger Is Rooted In Battery Derangement Syndrome

Some facts commonly cited: Tesla is the most successful and biggest electric car company the world has ever seen. Solar City is America's biggest ...

Daimler Could Choose a New Brand Name for Its Electric Car Range

In recent weeks, talks of the first-ever Mercedes-Benz electric car that would be developed as such from the ground up have gained pace, all pointing ...

Birdsville races for renewable energy

“At the last election, I committed this Government to embrace new industries, including biofuels and large-scale renewable energy, to generate more ...

Paris launches moped hire

First there was the Velib' bicycles for hre; then the Autolib' electric cars - now Paris has introduced a for-hire electric mopeds as the capital continues ...

Masdar aims to expand as clean energy demand rises

“Saudi Arabia has announced the vision 2030 vision and one of the key components is renewable energy. They have announced nine gigawatt of ...

Batavia man's electric car road trip an unmatched journey

“In the middle of winter, I crossed 400 miles of rural Pennsylvania and New York to get home,” Kent said of his first long-range electric vehicle drive.

Electric car drivers in Cedar Rapids have new place to charge cars

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Park Cedar Rapids just added two electronic car chargers to the parking ramp on 1st Avenue in downtown ...

American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers
1. American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers. 2. Panasonic Teams Up With BAIC In China Market.. 3. Brexit: Potentially dangerous times for UK climate action. more ... ...

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