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When Jeremy Clarkson Got Chided For Naming His Dog

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When Jeremy Clarkson Got Chided For Naming His Dog

[Image via Twitter] He also added that car manufacturers must quit fiddling with batteries for the electric cars and instead focus on hydrogen powered ...

Town car parks should cater for young families

The young father parked his car at the top of the car park to make sure he ... holders and those with e-car points, provided for charging electric cars.


The question arising: Why does a gas car park directly in front of a sign plainly stating ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING ONLY? More than once, there ...

Groundbreaking hydrogen-powered car to be displayed at London Motor Show

The Riversimple RASA is a lightweight and highly efficient 'network' electric car powered by innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. The first ...

(EV Expo) Renault Samsung to double EV sales in 2016

Apart from SM3 Z.E., the company also has a plan to launch Twizy, its ultracompact four-wheel electric vehicle, this year as its second EV model. Twizy ...

Lower gas prices lead to even fewer sales in Calif. of 'Green cars'

It's also stunted the emergence of electric and hybrid cars. ... Last year, sales for hybrids and alternative energy cars in the U.S. were down 13.2 ...

Auto dealerships

One reason for that is that millions of cars will be coming off two- and ... Sales of Nissan's Leaf electric car dropped 43 percent last year to just over ...

Plan to put more electric cars on the road
1. Plan to put more electric cars on the road. 2. Students earn science honors. 3. Carmichaels science teacher provides students hands-on learning. more ... ...

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