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Orders Cancelled As Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Demand Exceeds Supply

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Orders Cancelled As Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Demand Exceeds Supply

I asked for alternatives and I was told most plug-in electric vehicles have really long lead times including the Mercedes-Benz C350e - (with) expected ...

National Science Foundation invests in a clean water future

An interactive augmented reality sandbox exhibit to help teach the public about watersheds, lake sciences, and environmental stewardship.

How Tesla's Model 3 Could Conquer Low-End Luxury

What happens when the price of electric cars falls lower than the gasoline-powered competition? That's the question Tesla Motors Inc. wants to ...

LeEco accelerates its smart electric vehicle plans; hires scientist from China's autonomous driving ...

While the company's plan with British car maker Aston Martin seem fairly recent, LeEco has been working on an electric car project tagged the SEE ...

Pricing of cars key to get Kiwis into electric vehicles, says expert

Christina Bu, Director General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association spoke with Breakfast.

Groundwater scientist wins Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize

Currently a distinguished professor emeritus in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, ...

Fascinating evolution of the electric car

The potential of electric cars seems to be higher now than ever before. But electric automobiles are nothing new. They actually have a rich history in ...

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1. Energy & Environmental Science. 2. The Electric Vehicle That Future Buyers Want Most. 3. Tesla to open showrooms in upmarket areas and shopping centres in UK. more ... ...

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