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Volvo unveils 40 Series concepts with alternative drivetrains

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Volvo unveils 40 Series concepts with alternative drivetrains

A key selling point will be Volvo's embrace of alternative drivetrains, with a pure electric vehicle in the small car line-up and plug-in hybrid variants.

Tesla Motors Inc: Love the Car, Hate the Stock

We are seeing electric cars from many of the world's automakers, including General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), Ford Inc (NYSE:F), and BMW.

SA electric vehicle challenge is getting bigger and better

Organisers say they have now doubled the number of cars participating with 28 cars expected to be on the run.(REUTERS) ...

Will Millennials Just Uber Their Life?

It seems as if assumptions about why Millennials opted not buying cars ... cars be more technologically and environmentally savvy with electric cars ...

Nissan home energy-storage battery: another front against Tesla?

The Nissan Leaf electric car doesn't compete directly with any of the luxury models from Tesla Motors, but Nissan is now targeting Tesla in a different ...

City calls on province to boost efforts to charge electric cars

News – Charging your electric vehicle (EV) at home should be as easy and convenient as turning on a large household appliance. But, as many EV ...

Domestic sales of environmentally friendly cars open up

Monthly sales of homebred eco-friendly cars-hybrid and electric vehicles ... All-electric cars like Kia Motors' Soul EV can travel 148 kilometers (88.86 ...

Is General Motors' (GM) Maven Expansion a Threat to Uber?

The automaker started to foray into the car-sharing business after its ... This will also increase the usability of high-tech autonomous electric cars if ...

Why Is Croatia Subsidizing Electric Cars More than Germany?

While Croatia gives about 10,000 euros in subsidies for foreign-made electric cars, Germany, a much richer country, is starting with this practice just ...

Volvo 40.1 and 40.2 Concepts news: New concept vehicles preview Volvo's 40 Series small car ...

The design also reflects the hybrid and electric powertrains of the upcoming 40 Series vehicles. The small car range will feature a wide variety of ...

Education News: May 20, 2016

Science Camp will be held July 5-8. Students in this camp will explore human biology, environmental science, biochemistry and physics. Students will ...

BMW sued over i3's extended-range electric powertrain

BMW has been hit with a class action lawsuit regarding a potential issue afflicting the extended-range version of the automaker's i3 electric car.

East Coast's saltmarsh sparrow disappearing, scientists say
1. East Coast's saltmarsh sparrow disappearing, scientists say. 2. Huge profits in store for firm that can make a great leap in battery technology. 3. Graduating New Philadelphia senior Jacob McGlumphy headed for Coast Guard Academy. more ... ...

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