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Discovery could open the door to cellphone and car batteries that last

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Discovery could open the door to cellphone and car batteries that last five times longer

For example, at one-fifth the cost and weight of those presently on the market, a lithium-air battery would allow an electric car to drive 400 miles on a ...

Nanoplastics negatively affect aquatic animals

Altered Behavior, Physiology, and Metabolism in Fish Exposed to Polystyrene Nanoparticles. Environmental Science & Technology, 2015; 49 (1): 553 ...

Mobile phones could be charged just once a week after amazing new discovery

The development could expand the range of electric cars to 400 miles. Professor Kyeongjae Cho, of the University of Texas at Dallas, said: “There's ...

Tesla Model 3: Here's What We Know Till Now

Electric cars were always the elite's cup of tea before Tesla announced its affordable Model 3 in March after making us wait for 10 years. With a basic ...

Aerial CO2 Enrichment Combats Cadmium Contamination of Soil

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 514-526. Introducing their study, Jia et al. (2016) write that "heavy metal contamination of soil is a ...

Peugeot 3008 plug-in hybrid to lead brand's electric onslaught

“For the smaller cars, like 208 and 2008, we will launch electric versions. It will be electrification on the smaller platforms and plug-in hybridisation on ...

Selling an electric car is easy, says creator of fictional Chevy Jolt EV

His goal was to highlight how easy it is to sell electric cars, he told interviewer Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, founder and editor of Transport Evolved.

Blackrock backs Bacanora Minerals with $11 million investment

The stock has climbed 16% this year, as prices for lithium — used in batteries for electric cars — continue to jump. This is the second major milestone ...

Scientist to speak on sea level rise at Dorchester Center for the Arts

CAMBRIDGE — The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Horn Point Laboratory will offer a public lecture by Dr. Mark Stacey at ...

Romney Was Right: General Motors to Build Electric Cadillacs in China

GM continues to lose huge amounts of money in its continued quest to build politically-popular electric vehicles that have little mass market appeal.

US consumers buck investors' rush to self-driving cars : study

Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc has gone a step further with its Autopilot system, which gives owners the option of limited self-driving on the ...

Fastned Raises 3 Million Euro via Nxchange

Fastned, which is building a pan-European network of fast charging stations for electric cars, has raised 3.07 milion euro in fresh capital in the first five ...

Volvo unveils 40 Series concepts with alternative drivetrains
1. Volvo unveils 40 Series concepts with alternative drivetrains. 2. Tesla Motors Inc: Love the Car, Hate the Stock. 3. SA electric vehicle challenge is getting bigger and better. more ... ...

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